Dems Continue To Sink To Their Natural (Low) Depth, Kavanaugh

An “October” surprise in the United State’s supreme court nomination of Kavanaugh. For those of you who are not old enough to hold the title of “oral history depositor,” such as I, Dems are prone to roll out an outrageous accusation against the Rep’s presidential nomination (or any Rep candidate) late in October. It is too late for the victim to have time enough to dispel the “rumor,” and the Dem controlled media which runs with the story. It has cost the Reps dearly in the past.

Senator DiFi had a supposed sexual harassment allegation against Kavanaugh since July but released it Thursday,  just before the vote to seat Kavanaugh. Just as in the October surprise for Mitt Romney it dates back to his high school years. Mitt’s surprise cost the Reps the election.

If you don’t know about it, it was rumored that Mitt and his friends ran a gay boy down and roughed him up during their high school years. The boy in question had since passed away so it was impossible to confirm the rumor with him, however, the family of the boy strongly denied that it had occurred. They told the press (who lent a death ear) that the two were very good friends and he would be appalled to see his friend Mitt smeared. That the boy wasn’t “out of the closet,” in his high school days and Mitt was asked to be a pallbearer for his funeral.

If you are a Dem how can you stand by and watch all the cheating and lying done by them and their dominated mainstream media? And if you believe the Dem’s cheating and lying, why? Or better yet, how? What is wrong with your moral fabric that you can’t tell the truth from the lie?

Evergreen College steals thousands of public dollars to wrongly terrorize a farm.

Evergreen College in Washington state used thousands of dollars of public school funds to bus people 178 miles to terrorize a farm that had an employee die. The “college” (environmental terrorist) wrongly claimed that a farm’s working conditions caused the death, later determined to be natural. The college now wishes to offer an apology to the public from which it stole the money and to the farm that had to deal with terrorizing demonstrations. In any other situation, jail would be appropriate and jail should be the remedy here along with restitution. The college, who knew at the time of the demonstrations that they were illegally using public money, wants us to trust that they handled the situation internally. After all, the faculty thieves were given a strong “reprimand.” A strong “don’t do it again, oh no, the theft was okay, but don’t get caught again.”

The liberal intellectually superior collegiate ilk feel that their superiority should bar them from the same rules that we mortals must live by. If this was a conservative institution it would be demanded that people lose their jobs and people go to jail. The money must be paid back.


What’s wrong with the Republican Party: From Lincoln to, but not including, President Trump

“It is said that history is written by the winners,” George Orwell. But not so in the USA, it is written by Democrats who dominate in the education and publishing fields.

President Lincoln and the American Civil War is one example where “what really happened,” plus common-sense conclusions do not equate to what the history pundits teach us. This history must be resolved by filtering it with common sense interpretations and the passing of time; that is history post the Civil War and post President Lincoln. But when we tell the truth we are called “mean-spirited,” because it is so detrimental to the Democrat Party’s image. And if there is one thing the Republican deep-state does not want (so it appears) it is to be called “mean-spirited,” by Democrats and liberals. This terminal malady is being treated (finally) with the election of President Trump who disregards political correctness. Yet the historical records need to be corrected. Today, politicians want to press their advantage of being in control with unfettered influence. They do everything they can to bend the “common-sense,” approach to fit their various corrupted enterprises. President Trump was stopping this gravy train.

President Lincoln sealed his own fate when he insisted on having a Democrat nominated as the Vice President on the GOP ticket for his re-election bid in 1864. To do this Lincoln had to quit the GOP (Republicans were against it) formed a political party of his own, and nominated himself as President and Andrew Johnson (a Democrat) as Vice President: Who becomes arguably worse president ever. Then Lincoln offers to rejoin the GOP if they accept his ticket. This was done, and the GOP had a Republican nominated as President and a Democrat nominated as Vice President. There is no common-sense explanation for his bizarre actions. This can only be explained as Civil War “political correctness,” much like what the Republican Party of today tolerates. Lincoln’s compromises cost tens of thousands of lives. Here’s how:

Because of this compromise, after Lincoln’s assassination, the Confederate States of America, who are primarily populated by Democrats and loses the war, winds up holding the office of the President of the United States of America. This was planned at the highest ranks of the Confederacy. It was planned that after the assassination Johnson would become the President and then cease the war in favor of the South. What wasn’t planned was the South losing the war before the plot could be carried out. We know that the president of the Confederate States authorized the assassination of Lincoln using the argument that Lincoln first authorized his assassination. Of course, we know that Lincoln did no such thing and his reputation alone would deny this rumor. Now, President Johnson wasted no time in thwarting the desires of his dead loyal friend, Lincoln. He showed his true colors as a traitor in his lenient dealings with the South. He was impeached for future actions and came within one vote (due to bribery to acquit) of being ousted.

It’s well documented that John Wilks Booth traveled to Canada where the “CIA” of the Confederacy operated openly. It is known that he received a payment from them. This is where the obvious is abandoned — by “historians” – and takes on a Democrat bias. The assassination plot targeted not just the President, but the Vice President (the Democrat) and the Secretary of State as well. The assassination of Lincoln was tasked to the most competent of the gaggle, Booth. That of the Secretary of State by the next most competent. Indeed, when the attack on Secretary Seward went awry, caused by a gun’s failure to fire, the assassin resorted to knife and bludgeoning. He was overwhelmed by Seward’s staff and Seward barely survived the vicious attack. However, the assassination of VP Johnson was not even attempted; no action taken whatsoever. The cover story was that the assigned assassin backed out at the last minute and went to a local bar and got drunk. Can we all say, “yeah right?”

When Booth fled, after the assassination, he was tacked down by the army. The soldiers were commanded not to fire upon him and take him, prisoner– at all costs; a vital and irreplaceable prisoner. Booth was cornered and was about to be burned out of his hiding place and taken prisoner. Against the standing orders, a shot rang out and Booth laid dead. The shot was fired inexplicably by a Sergeant. With Booth’s death, the only direct link to the South’s assassin plan was erased. No doubt this Sergeant was among the South’s spies.

In the North spying, espionage, and other traitorous affairs were very common. Fourteen Senators were expelled for sympathizing with the South. Southern sympathizers infiltrated nearly every aspect of the North’s affairs and reported back to the South when able. Washington D.C. was in a slave sympathizing state, Maryland. Just across the Potomac River was Virginia and not far away was the capital of the Confederacy Richmond. Washington D.C. was an island surrounded by Confederate sympathizers.  The nearest Union territory was a hundred miles away. The only reason Maryland didn’t cede with the other states was that they knew that the North would immediately invade them to capture and keep the capital from becoming a hostage.

When the war began it was the North that had a standing army and with it had an administration, a chain of command, quartermasters to supply it, and all the other logistics necessary for war, the South didn’t. When it came time to choose a leader for the Army of the Potomac, Lincoln chose General Irwin McDowell at the urging of Salmon Chase. The loyalties of Chase and McDowell came into question after the war. During the 1864 presidential election and while the civil war was still raging, Chase attempted to get the nomination for president as a DEMOCRAT.  He lost to General McClellan (more about him later).  The Democratic platform called for the immediate end to the war: essentially giving the South the win. McClellan campaigned vowing to continue the war. However, he had already made known his desire to end the war and let the South cede. His so-called change of heart was, no doubt, words only in an attempt to get the soldier’s vote. It failed.  They must have had support in the South to attempt this. The Democratic party was heavily influenced by the sheer number of Democrats that lived in the South.

Back to McDowell, he explained his ineptitude at 1st Bull Run by claiming he needed to get more supplies, get additional soldiers. and the recurring excuse that he wanted to be cautious. Let’s just call this “McDowellism.” Lincoln had to order him to attack. Lincoln wanted the attack before the South could organize. McDowell stumbled and bumbled around for an additional two days,  thus, he gave the South much-needed time to call their militias up and organize a line of defense. He failed to demand even minimal military discipline from his men allowing them to straggle to the battle’s location on their own. He had no experience for the job, he was a Quarter Master. The Union had many West Point graduates and men with combat experience. This was an inexcusable choice, no doubt, pressed upon Lincoln by someone he trusted, Chase.

The plans for McDowell’s attack were leaked to a spy who delivered them to the South’s army. Even though McDowell had the larger and better-trained army he bumbled into an attack and was soundly defeated. He was promptly demoted to a field general’s role. Then again at the battle of Second Bull Run his command became “lost in the woods,” and failed to get into position for the attack by the Union army. Even then he questioned and delayed orders. One commanding officer, General Pope, stated of McDowell, “God damn McDowell! He’s never where he’s supposed to be!” There was much talk of him being a traitor. McDowell was then sent to California where he could do little harm.

Lincoln continued to make errors in his choices to lead the army. Under his generals, Irvin McDowell, George McClellan, Joseph Hooker, and George G. Meade, the army had more defeats than victories.

Under Lincoln’s policy of being all-inclusive, he promoted General George McClellan to replace McDowell as the commander of the Army of the Potomac, whose adversary was General Lee. This was despite McClellan’s openly disdain of Lincoln and his hatred of abolitionists. (As stated above, McClellan would run against Lincoln’s re-election bid in 1864, as a Democrat. His platform was to allow the South to cede and end the war at once; the exact goal of the Confederacy. In other words — SURRENDER. Yet, Lincoln appointed him despite his known beliefs.

Before the Battle of Antietam, the battle plans for Lee’s army came into the hands of the Union Army, and thus, McClellan. Who promptly refused to take full advantage of them because he feared they might be fake. He needlessly delayed his army’s deployment to Antietam by a day which gave General Lee valuable time to fortify his defense and get reinforcement. McClellan had a two-to-one superiority in numbers over Lee’s army, but he used the excuse that he thought Lee had many more troops than he did. This “estimate,” existed only in his own mind and was not based on any intelligence. It was contrary to the facts at hand. During the battle, McClellan only committed three-quarters of his soldiers and held the rest in reserve. Despite this voluminous reserve, when one of his generals was making good progress and had victory in sight, all he needed was reinforcements, McClellan claimed he had none when in fact he had two fresh corps in reserve. The Union army had the momentum. The army of the South was routed; unable to fall back and form a defense line. Total victory was at hand. A route is always followed by a never-ending attack. The attacking army can easily pick off the opposing army piecemeal.  But, McClellan stopped the attack and allowed the South to escape. Lee’s army was able to fall far to the rear where they had additional support and could set up a line of defense. The generals under McClellan wanted to press the attack, Lincoln wanted him to press the attack: In fact, he gave McClellan a direct order. McClellan inexcusably disobeyed the order. This opportunity to win the war meant that another 250,000+, men would needlessly die. There is no logical excuse for McClellan’s actions other than those presented here. His loyalties were to the South.

Men like McClellan justified these traitorous actions because they saw themselves as nation builders. In other words, he, General Hooker, and General Meade all suffered from McDowellism.

At last, Lincoln noticed a general out west that was winning battles: In fact, he gave the Union their very first major victory. Ulises S. Grant, a Republican, cured the army of its McDowellism. Now the Union had a general who believed in the war’s noble principles and was loyal to the Union and Lincoln. He had two generals under him that shared the same enthusiasm, Generals Sheridan and Sherman. All three picked off pieces of the South’s army until General Lee had to break and run. This time the attack was pressed, Lee was run down and his army fled the battlefield pell-mell in a rout. The war was over. This is what would have happened at the battle of 1st Bull Run (the very first battle) and Antietam. Both McClellan and McDowell disobeyed direct orders given by Lincoln. And in each case, hundreds of thousands of lives would have been saved.

Lincoln had just been re-elected, the war was over, and one would expect Lincoln to be able to savor the moment. He did. His mistake in insisting that a Democrat share the victory as the VP candidate was just another blunder that cost the USA dearly, but Lincoln even more.

When the war started the Confederacy had thousands of sympathizers already living in the North. They are a people without morals. Not only did they believe in slavery they fought and killed and died to keep slavery. It was cancer in the USA.

Republican’s desire to be the nice guy, to go over and above what would normally be called for, makes them utterly unable to compete. President Trump’s victory was the Republican rank and file telling the deep-state Republicans that we don’t want to play the fool for Democrats. In 1934, Joseph Stalin realized the Communist Party in the Christian USA, could not prevail. One cannot be a Communist if one believes in Christ; It’s in the book. He then instructed his communist to infiltrate the existing political parties. Guess which one they infiltrated. Right, both. They have now taken over the Democratic Party and infiltrated the Republican Party enough to sabotage it. They almost staged a coup. Had Clinton been elected it would have been the end of Democracy. The Democrat-controlled Oligarchy in the USA would be in control and able to direct investigations to smother the opposition. The purse strings of the USA would be open to them.