FISA Abuse Exposed: Trump Campaign Wire Tapped (True)

The special circumstances that allows the government to spy on USA citizens is called FISA. These warrants are granted in a private hearing where the FBI (or similar) has a one-on-one with a judge that has special powers. Only one side is presented, the one the FBI wants.

The now infamous Carter Page FISA warrant has been called into question. It has come to light that the FBI falsified facts they presented to the FISA court surrounding Page in an effort to justify wire tapping him. Page was portrayed as an agent of a foreign government. It has been proven that he was not.

Why would the corrupt leadership of the FBI, under Obama, want to wire tap a person who holds a lowly position in the Trump campaign? Because they would then be able to wire tap all phones that Page “may” use. Any phone that he has access to can be tapped, thus, all campaign offices he has stepped into or may step into.

Obviously this is politically motivated, regardless of what the IG (Inspector General [appointed under Obama]) says. There is no other explanation.

Just one of many steps the left (Dems) took to try to overthrow the election of President Trump. Just another segment of a non-violent coupe to overthrow our Democracy.