Why There Is Racism In The USA: It’s the media stupid.


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I’m going to shock you, there is very little racism. The little that is there is, is fanned by the media. The communist (to be addressed in a future post) that has infiltrated our mass media has been lying to us. It is trying to beat us down so the USA, Democracy, can be overthrown. That’s why they lie. They are nothing more than an arm of organized crime. No, organized crime isn’t a thing of the past. The media tries to propagate this lie by saying things like, “John Gotti, the last of the Dons.”  They want to live an abundant life, where they will be able to have life and death say-so over the masses. They take part in organized crime thinking they will be spared when the eventual takeover comes to fruition.

Here’s a few examples: George Floyd: I watched that gut wrenching video of a man in a uniform (I can’t come to call him a police officer) had George on the ground and was kneeling on his neck. George was pleading for him to stop. He didn’t. It was hard to watch. Later we were told that George died from those actions. Not many people witness someone’s murdered. The entire nation was shocked–angered! As so with the world.

HOWEVER: The autopsy report (which has since been removed from the internet, but I saw it. ) from Hennepin County Medical Examiner’s Office concludes the cause of death was “cardiopulmonary arrest complicating law enforcement subdual, restraint, and neck compression.” That conclusion, death due to heart failure, differs from the one reached by an independent examiner [Dr. Michael Baden] hired by the Floyd family; that report listed the cause of death as “asphyxiation from sustained pressure.” 
NPR America Reckons With Racial Injustice June 4, 2020.

Pause to take note that the hired ME, who’s life style depends on these lucrative expert witness fees, did not have the toxicological tests. They were hidden from. Someone put them in the notes, not attached to the report, and were never handed over to Dr. Baden. Dr. Baden’s gratuitous conclusion was, no doubt, greatly prejudiced by him seeing the video. That was enough for him.

AND the report goes on to say: Floyd was overdosed on fentanyl.  Floyd had 11 ng/mL of fentanyl, that under any other circumstances, not withstanding a hole in the heard, it would have been listed as the cause of death. There is a level 1, 2, 3, and 4. Level 2 is understood that it could cause a death by overdose. Levels 3-4 is understood to cause death. Floyd had a level 3.

One effect of meth od is that it causes swelling of the lungs which causes difficult breathing. This is the only reason that the neck compression may have attribute to Floyd’s death. Due to the notoriety of this incident, the coroner had to put the overdose as “maybe an overdose.” If not, the rioters would surely have hunted him down.

The video from an officer’s bodycam (video provided by Court TV) clearly shows George’s mouth open wide while he is yelling at the police. Something is in his mouth. One can see him manipulating his tongue in an attempt to secrete it in his mouth, however, he eventually must have swallowed it: As many persons are forced to do when stopped by police in order to evade certain jail time.

This is big news! The kneeling incident probably had little to do with George’s death, we will never know for sure because that “officer” did not act professionally. Normally these facts would have been picked up by all interested media outlets. Every thing about this incident has what I call resolved facts, more accurate information as cured by time, HistoryResolved. The USA hating media censored it. They always want to paint the USA in the worst light possible.

The media lies in order to push the communist anti-everything good in and by the USA. To allow an organized crime takeover of the USA so they, including those in the media who control it from within, can live in opulence and all else grovel for little.  

See Trayvon and Zimmerman for another example media manipulation.

Trayvon and Zimmerman; an American tragedy


See related Article: Why There Is Racism In The USA: It’s The Media Stupid

Remember George Zimmerman? He was a white guy that approached a young black male in Florida, aged 17. I say George was a white guy because that’s what everyone was led to believe by the mass media. His mother was from Peru, and his father from the USA. Under any other circumstances, George would be Hispanic or Latino. I heard one news broadcast where one of the hosts referred to him as white, and the other host said he was Hispanic. The first host then said, “Well, he’s half white.” By all media StyleBooks (a stylebook is used to ensure that all journalist’s writings are uninformed), he is Hispanic, but not for this.

George happened to be a neighborhood “watch captain” for the police. Such a captain is merely one who attended a police neighborhood watch meeting and has agreed to do the organizing for it. That is to determine the host for each meeting, notify people of upcoming meetings, and gather information about crime in that neighborhood for the members. That’s it. The police do not train such a person or bestow any special rights or privileges. Yet in nearly every report, it is said, “Geroge Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch captain.” Only to add a smear upon law enforcement.

 It just so happened that his neighborhood was experiencing burglaries. One night George was walking in his neighborhood and spotted a man walking between the houses. The communist media explained that away by saying the man was taking a “shortcut.” I don’t know about you, but I don’t take shortcuts through people’s yards who I don’t know. Trayvon was dead, so how did the media know? Interestingly, the burglaries stopped after this.

This is what really happened; it’s not the fake news the media fed us:
George (5′ 7″ and overweight) approached the man (who later turns out to be 17 yrs, 5’11” and well built) to find out what he was doing. Right away, Trayvon punched George squarely on the tip of his nose and then jumps on him and straddles him. Trayvon starts to bang George’s head against the cement sidewalk. George yells for help, and it is recorded in the background by a neighbor who was recording something else. George is pinned, and he’s afraid the man will find his gun (which he was legally allowed to carry concealed) and kill him with it. That is only if George does not die from head injuries. George was able to wedge his gun out, and he shot one time, killing Trayvon.

The American communist jumped on this as a racial hate crime. It wasn’t, but they just can’t find real ones. The media plastered a picture showing a young Trayvon, probably from middle school, and explained away the misleading photo by saying it was a photo of an “unknown date.”

George was treated at the scene by an ambulance for injuries to his nose and head. He was transported to a police station where the station’s video captures him being taken out of the car by officers. He was handcuffed behind his back. He gets out from the rear driver’s side and walks to the car’s back, facing the camera. The camera was looking down, from back to front. He stands by the driver’s taillight as the officer completes the search. The back of his head could not be seen, and his nose had been cleaned up by the ambulance. This is the proof the mass media used to prove that George didn’t have a nose or head injury.

The video was of poor quality and out of focus; I think on purpose and by the media. I don’t believe that a police department would have video equipment of that poor quality. After all, it has been put there to protect the police. To be evidence, a witness, should something terrible happen. A suspect kills an officer. An officer kills a suspect. Court quality is imperative!

No less than two news producers lost their jobs over this. That’s because the full video surfaced later. This ladder video is not cropped as the first one was.

Election 2020 vs Election 1960

John F Kennedy won the 1960 election by a hair. His opponent was Richard Nixon (who would later be elected). Nixon was a popular sitting Vice President at the time. He felt he would easily win. When he didn’t, he through a tissy-fit and stormed off without asking for a recount, which he was entitled to. Had he, he would have won.

Since that time, and as history gets resolved as time passes, most reputable historians agree that Nixon did win.

I’ll make this as short as I can.

The Kennedy family was very influential but not well known or liked in the mid-west. But, the Kennedys had a mutual friend to the Chicago crime boss, Sam Giancana, Frank Sinatra. Frank was a go-between for the two, and a deal was made for Sam to help JFK get elected president.

The mob put out a “get to vote” campaign that few could refuse. They put out bribes and sent gangsters into the county side. In some counties, JFK was able to get up to 90% of the vote. An impossibly except in socialist, communist countries. After the counting and JFK winning, Sam threw a large victory party there in Chicago. He went around bragging and back-slapping everyone saying, “Hey, we got us a President.” (More will come in my article about the assassination of JFK.)

Democrats have been heavily involved in voter fraud and changing history throughout our, the USA’s, life. More about that in another article. The party can best be described as a cancer.

2020 Elections

Okay, I’m really pissed. I’d like to say it takes a lot to make me so, and it does, but this election reached that limit, I’m pissed. 

What bothers me the most isn’t that there was rampant voter fraud, there was (in favor of the Democrats); but, it’s because Trump and friends didn’t win with a sufficient majority to easily overcome that fraud.

Okay, let’s put away the very sad attempt by Democrats to deny voter fraud. We mustn’t waste time arguing with fools. If Democrats thought there was no fraud, they’d respond as Republicans do: Hands in the air, a step back, and “Sure, check all you want. Anything. How can we help?” Instead, they resist; resist even the most negligible, least invasive form of vote verification. Only one reason: FRAUD!!! When they argue differently, we must walk away and not take part in such foolishness. In oter words, “Talk to the hand.” The right to vote is the single most important and prized benefit of Democracy. The Democrats treat it with contempt.

Back in the ‘60s and ‘70s, if one referred to the socialists in the Democratic party as communists, it would be very forcibly denied. Not today. The college socialist, which seems to be mostly made up of millennials  (I didn’t say most millennials are communist), proudly march in protest. Proudly taking part in riots. Back in the ‘60s and ‘70s, communists said they would infiltrate our governments, our schools, our media. We laughed. How could that be done in a Christian country? Well, here it is.

What we saw in this election was the defeat of Democracy—the world’s most extraordinary form of government. So far, this election resembles corrupt labor unions and Communist elections: Decided before the first vote. From now on, few Republicans will ever be able to get elected, and none as President! It will turn the USA into a one-party government. Oop, again my mistake, there are no one-party governments. Communism is not a form of government. It is organized crime. Just as NAZI wasn’t a form of government, it too was organized crime. For instance, what does it resemble most? Democracy with its freedoms, honesty; where hard work is rewarded? Or, organized crime, where there are backroom deals, unethical promises, show elections (hummm, just like this one) and where it even includes the murder of opponents? And now includes the Democratic party—organized crime, Communism, samo-samo.  

This election can’t stand. We saw where the mainstream media openly lied and supported the corrupt Democrats and all their lies. They kept telling lies which, with the passing of time, were proven wrong. And they were able to do this because the entire mainstream media were in lockstep to overthrow our government. Just as corrupt individuals delve into organize crime, they delve into communications, mass media. Once combined, crime is unstoppable. They nearly did it in the 2016 election, but they did it in this one! The leaders in the various media, today, are just gangsters, part of the vast industry of –organized crime.

We must take action, or the last true Democracy will be removed from the Earth. We must get off our butts and go where needed and do what is needed. Do it before more harsh methods are demanded.