If It’s Harmful To Humans or Americans Democrats Are For It!!!! Obama and Ebola Friends To The End.

Open sore

Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay

Ebola is a terrible disease that is hard to contain and easily transmitted. So, President Obama made a special exemption for Africans who suffer from it. Illegal immigrants with Ebola can enter the U.S. for humanitarian reasons when Obama included it under the Temporary Protection Status. This status has a way of never getting to the temporary stage.

Again, if it is harmful, dangerous, oppressive then Democrats and liberals are for it. President Trump is taking action to safeguard Americans by revoking this abusive law.

Government Shutdowns Under Dems

When the government was shut down under  President Obama due to a budget impasse, all non-essential services were also shut down. That meant that places like the Smithsonian Museum that required staff to sell tickets and provide security to the exhibits had to close.

To be sure the shutdown would hurt the public as much as possible  (because that is what liberals do) armed security services were sent out to put yellow tape up across open-air venues. Venues that require no personnel to watch over it. The Obama government was paying security forces to keep people out of and off of venues normally open to the public in public. It cost nothing to leave those venues open and unmolested but cost thousands of dollars to keep people out.

The mainstream media did not report this fact. It only showed people being turned away. After all, it’s those mean-spirited Rebs causing the pain by not going along with an overspending budget.

California Dumping Precious Drinking Water

In drought-prone California liberals, who are in charge of that state, began releasing billions of gallons of fresh water into the ocean. Water that California’s farmers and rancher desperately need. Why??? Because a tiny fish called the delta smelt is endangered. The population of the smelt has been decreasing quickly and liberals took a hard look at the problem.

In keeping with liberal thinking, the politicians asked, what would hurt people the most? The answer was to dump vitally needed fresh water into a river that runs into the ocean. The justification used (keep in mind that the reason is to hurt people); the diversion of fresh water onto farmer’s and rancher’s land must be depriving the precious smelt of needed fresh water, so, let’s give them our precious water. Water that is being wasted (in liberal think) upon growing crops and raising food stocks. Things that are absolutely necessary to the human population. The science behind this thinking? None. Some liberal thought that this justification sounded good so they went with it.

Nothing is dependant upon the smelt. No industry, no environmental cleanup, no recreational activities, nothing.

In 2005, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) gave the opinion that diverting fresh water to ranchers and farmlands did not adversely affect the smelt. Liberals took them to court and after being harassed for years and running out of money for courts, they reversed their opinion. It was judges that made the final decisions. Those (liberal) judges found “experts” of their own, ones that agreed with them and the ruling: Human to hell, out with the fresh water. After years of dumping water, there is no measurable benefit to the smelt. It is all for naught, yet, liberals continue to dump the water which has caused over 200,000 acres to go fallow and cost tens of thousands of food-related jobs. This has cost Californian’s billions of dollars.

Prologue: The vast majority of liberals believe in evolution, the survival of the fittest, but, when a weak link is about to disappear they do everything to save it. Doesn’t evolution teach that life forms evolve to fit their environment and needs? Those that don’t go extinct, as they should. New life forms are being discovered every day and if none are allowed to go extinct how long will it take for them, with the help of liberals, to push humans out of this world?

Midnight Basketball by Pres Clinton


Then President Clinton advocated keeping recreational centers open until after midnight to see if there were kids, juveniles, that wanted to play basketball. Of course, it was a dumb thing to do, and just like Dems expected, Republicans merely scratched their heads and disagreed.

No one seemed to understand the logic in this. Here it is: Most cities have curfew laws. Usually around 10 PM. After that, the police can stop the juvenile and cite him/her and return them to their home. The one exception was if they were en route to a logical place of safety.

Midnight basketball provided every juvenile a place he/she could tell officers that they were en route to. Thus, they could stay out after curfew without their parent’s consent. If stopped by officers they merely claimed to be going to the local recreation center.

The net reason juveniles were wanted out and about was so they could buy/sell drugs or so they could commit crimes that enabled them to do so.

FLASH: Drug dealers donate heavily to political parties and causes, or should I say party. If you wonder which party you are naive. They don’t donate to the historical law and order party, Republican. That is why President Obama bragged about doing cocaine and wish he had the money for more. It’s in his book. Dreams From My Father.

Illustration: Vecteezy.com