Target-Conservatives: Oregan Police Just Watch

The weekend of June 29, 2019, in Portland Organ was very violent and dangerous one. That is, if you were a conservative. An ANTIFA group attacked a demonstration being held by a conservative one. The police were ordered to stand-by and not help those being beaten.

A conservative journalist, Andy Gno was severely beaten over several minutes. He said he kept waiting for the police to arrive and save him, but none did. He was slugged, hit by “milkshakes” (made of quick-drying cement) and had rocks thrown at him. When he did make it to the police lines he was told he had to walk to the station to get EMT.

ANTIFA is to the Democrats what the brown shirts were to Hitler. They are thugs that are allowed to attack without repercussions. The city Mayor Ted Wheeler said that he stands behind his police force and their decision not to intervene. What he doesn’t say is that he is also a Police Commissioner. He wanted things to appear as if the decision by the police did not involve him, but, he none-the-less stood by them. Now it is obvious that it was the Mayor’s decision. His effort to deflect some of the blame is working. Most of the news outlets will not include this detail.

He denies such an order telling the police to stand-by but the rank and file police organization representing the officers says it was the Mayor. They are demanding that the handcuffs be taken off of them and let them decide how to do policing, not an amateur civilian with no experience. Organ recently passed a law that forbids the police from recording these events unless there are illegal actions. It does little good to wait for illegal actions and then turn on the recorders. Also, there is no law forbidding the wearing of masks, something the ANTIFA always do.

ANTIFA are throwing “milkshakes” at the conservatives. These are really “CEMENT BOMB” as that is what is in them along with some type of pepper spray and who knows what other disgusting liquids.

The police should be able to record any time they want. If the demonstrators are not doing anything wrong then there is no problem. They are in public view. The public can record the demonstrations but the police can not. The wearing of masks should be outlawed. There are few instances where wearing one would be justified. Those instances should be addressed on a case by case basis.

The Mayor and Police Chief should go.

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