Is America Great? Then Why?

It seems ridiculous that Americans question whether America is great. It is a case of “mass hysteria.” That and ignorance makes for a terrible outcome. At least one major political party seems to question this daily. Not just daily but constantly. It seems whenever there is a microphone nearby a member takes a shot at America. The irony is that they claim that because they are willing to criticize the U.S. they are better and more loyal Americans than those that measure their criticism. It’s also noteworthy that this political party openly supports the overthrow of this government. For the U.S. to convert to socialism is traitorous. We were founded to be a democracy. Period. To change to socialism is to change from the world’s oldest (the U.S. government is currently the longest standing government in the world, all other nations have changed govenments after America’s independance) and most successful form of government to one that has constantly failed. Today, the countries that claim to be socialist have had to modify it in order to survive, they are not true socialisms. Despite this dismal record, Democrats do everything in their power to overthrow our government. What is the answer to for this definition? “Someone that continues to do the same thing over and over again expecting a different outcome.” The answer is “Democrats” seeking socialism.

America was founded upon what is commonly accepted as Judeo Christian values. Americans were basically honest. Not 100% honest but much more than other countries. In other countries including, those that have expelled Christian values, one learns that in order to get ahead you have to tear down your competition. In Judeo Christian societies one gets ahead by out performing their competition thus, building, upon the competitor’s shoulders, not knocking them on their backs and standing on their chests.

In the early days of America, nearly all people agreed upon the basic truths that conduct like stealing, cheating, lying, murder, and etc were bad; even if they indulged themselves in these acts. That admission coupled with a large population that was honest proved to be the wave that carried America above all other nations. Democrats refuse to admit to what is right or wrong. During the Ferguson Mo. riots Democrats refused to say that the rioters were in the wrong. These types of riots claim to be against police brutality but for some reason, they direct their angst against retail, in that they loot retail stores and burn them down along with various vehicles. The governor of Mo. had called out the national guard in anticipation of a riot, however, the Democrat Party put their thumb on him and when the riots began he gave the rioters a, “two hour cooling off period.” To all but Democrats it was the obvious the wrong thing to do. That period allowed the riot to get out of control. It gave everyone with a TV time to come to the riot and loot stores. Even then, the Guard was used sparsely.

Because of this relative honesty, America exploded upon the world’s markets. America thrived at a pace not matched by any other nation. When WW-I started the U.S. opted to stay out. The war between, basically, Germany against France and England. (It’s much more complicated than this but this definition will work for this message.) It was not uncommon to have over 25,000 deaths In a single battle, in a single day. The manpower In these countries was at its limit. Germany knew it couldn’t match the fresh troops that would be sent by America; they knew the end was is sight, yet, they fought on anyway. France and England expect the U.S. to deluge them with soldiers who would fight side by side with them and, thus, would sustain the same devastating losses. However, the U.S. had a high value on American lives. We used our troops smartly, not the flood the battlefield way the war had been fought up until then. Because of America’s industries, economics, and values, we lead the world to peace. Yes America was great and all of the honest countries of the world would agree. German and their allies not so much.

But then WW-II. America’s industries, economics, and values outpaced all the other belligerents. France had already surrendered to NAZI Germany; England was on its knees. If not for America supporting them and sending them war materials, basically for free, it would have been pounded into submission. America lead the way and freed Europe from the tyranny of the NAZIs. All the while, it was beating Japan, who had taken nearly all of the Far East and beyond under their flag. At war’s end, more than a dozen countries had been restored to their pre-war status. Only Russia claimed all of the countries it cleared from the NAZIs and swallowed them into the communist Soviet Union. America could have merely claimed all of the counties it cleared as territories of the U.S., but our “VALUES” would not allow us to give in to this temptation. Indeed, when Japan and Germany conquered a nation, and they conquored several, they raided their banks, took all their cash, all of their resources, all of their industires, all of their food, and all of thier valuable property, then made them slaves. Their populations were forced into labor to support the war efforts of Japan and Germany. It wasn’t just hard labor, it was to the death. It was more economical to work them to death. It takes a lot to supply a vast army all the while supplying your home country with stolen luxury.

Every country in the world owes its freedom, or choice of rule, to America. England, could only mount a defense of their island and then only because of support from the U.S. And Russia owed their existance to, yet again, America, who supplied them with war material when much of their industry had been overran by Germany. Had the U.S. been defeated the Axis countries, Germany, Japan, and Italy, would have conquer every other country at will; the Middle East, Africa, South America, every country. No other country had a defense that could stand up to them. Yes, America was great.

After WW-II there was the threat of communism. Russia declared that communism would rule the world. When communism swept into Red China, China joined the threat and that threat stans to this day . The collapse of the USSR was only because of the strength of the U.S. This alone freed many more countries that Russia had claimed as war prizes. Yes, America was great.

Now China is arming its self and stockpiling war materials while getting ready to challenge the U.S. in another war. (The date to be announced.) Yes, America is great.

However, if their communist friends in the U.S. can take control through the election process, all the better. Communism is not a form of government, it is organized crime. As usual in communist rule, friends will replace the competent manager; the competent for the incompetent. Does China have friends in the U.S.? It is now a well-known secret that Bill Clinton receive vast amounts of money from Red China. Without it, he probably would not have been elected. I’ll address the treason of Bill and Hilary in another post.

PS It came out during the election season that Chinese generals donated money to the Clinton election campaign. The Clinton’s responded by, yes they received foreign money but so did George Bush (1). It was true that Clinton received a vast amount of money from communist China’s army, and Bush received “some” from free China, Hong Kong. Hong Kong was an English territory before the war and reverted back to one after. Somehow England agreed to a 99-year lease, after which, it would be turned over to Red China. Hong Kong desperately wanted stop this and to stay free, capitalist. Bottom line: Clinton received aid from the communist and Bush from the free people. The Clintons are still receiving vast amounts of money from Red Cina. They get it laundered to them through their scam non-profit fund and exorbitant fees to have Bill Clinton give a speech.

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