Why So Many Milleneal Socialist?

A Homeless Socialist:

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It was very pronounced during the Vietnam War where the US media seemed to find a sow’s ear in every silver lining when it came to the military. Even when our military won it was reported with a negative summation at the end of the report that left the reader a bad taste in one’s mouth. After the war, I asked one war correspondent why the constant negative spin on news from Vietnam. He told me that it wasn’t necessarily the reporter’s writing. He had turned in many articles that when he read them, after publication, it bore no resemblance to his original even though it still carried his by-line. It seemed the editors would send the articles to “re-write” to be “fixed.” The reporter had no choice about it. The articles were turned into the editor’s opinion and since nearly all of them were liberals and anti-war (communist sympathizer) so went the articles.

Because the media, of all disciplines, is so dominated by liberals all of their products heavily lean in that bias. If you look back at the underlying themes of movies and television for the last 50 years you will notice this phenomenon: The villain in the storyline is often the “government” or some other symbol of authority. If it is a sy-fi movie, the monster was caused by the government doing unauthorized nuclear testing. If it is a cops and robbers show, the villain is often a corrupt officer. Even when the show’s hero is a police officer, then the villain is the officer’s own agency facilitating drug trafficking or some other crime. The government, police agencies, and organizations of authority are disproportionately portrayed as corrupt. The real-world criminals are portrayed as victims of circumstances. Stop and think about it.

Millennials are huge movie and TV buffs. They spend a disproportionately large amount their time watching nonrealistic superheroes or people who are able to do things that real world humans can’t do and only exits only in comic books and movies. They lose touch of real-world limitations, and thus, lose a basis for common sense. This media. prepared with leftist leaning programs, causes them to get a skewed perspective of real life. These programs are also filled with over-simplistic solutions making their minds a playground for Democrats. There’s a TV series called “New Amsterdam”. In it, a head Dr. tells all the Dr.s under him to accept any patient that comes to the hospital without regard of insurance (sounds like free medical for all that is fo popular with Democrats), order any procedure they want to be done, distribute any prescription medicines they want, and buy any equipment they might want. I can just see Millineals jumping to their feet and cheering. The problem is when the hospital has no money to give to their vendors then the vendors will stop delivering the supplies. Of course, that’s when, in real life, sick people start dying.

Once the Millennial mind has been thoroughly saturated with “fluff” Democrats are able to present problems, usually very complex problems, along with the obvious yet simple solution. Then they question: Why don’t the mean old conservatives agree to this simple and easy fix? Liberals say it’s because conservatives are connected to corrupt authority figures and nasty capitalist. The very ones that millennials have been seeing in the media for the last fifty years. Conservatives are only in it for the money. Socialism, which is equality for all (a benevolent dictator) is the answer. Why can’t conservatives just agree?

Well, it’s because conservatives know that the simple answer is usually the wrong one. That persons who wish to take advantage of others (often called con-artist, or Democrats) trick the ignorant into giving up what is valuable (democracy/capitalism) for a simplistic answer. Equality for all, justice for none. Socialism establishes a small ruling class to exploit the masses. It always has. It’s funny, socialist take their simplistic model to the deep jungles of South America where the uneducated believe it. Then they take it into the colleges in North America where the ignorant accept it.

Socialist governments have killed many more people than Hitler did, by the hundreds of millions of people (no this is not hyperbole). Today, the only real socialist governments are the totalitarian ones. Ones where the masses live in poverty while the rulers live in luxury. Think about it: Just why are there so many billionaires in the U.S. who are coming out in support of the current socialist movement. Is it because they can’t wait to have to give away all their money and then live in a two-bedroom apartment? With the same income as everyone else? No! They will then have even more luxury as wealth is stripped away from the masses. But now they have an added power. Now they can put those they don’t agree with to death; with just a word or two. All the other socialist governments have had to modify their “idealistic” models. It happens when those who do all the work, yet, get paid the same as ones who do nothing, stop working. The United States first colonies were socialist, and that is exactly what our forefathers learned. When hard reality sets in, no work, no pay.

What do you call someone who constantly repeats doing the very same thing, yet, expecting a different outcome? Right! Socialist/Democrats.

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