Death Penalty, Yes or No

If one kills another then that one should get the death penalty. The most basic reason; it was the killer’s choice to kill, it’s rarely the victim’s. The killer knew or should have known what was at risk. If a killer is willing to risk the penalty, what does that say about the killer? There have been several incidents where someone was in prison for life and that person kills another prisoner. Why? The killer is already serving the harshest penalty. Tesst ttis

Anti-death penalty people trumpet the high cost of a death sentence. They tell of the many years it takes to come to trial and the litany of lawyers involved; all the while expenses build up. It’s not unusual for a death penalty case to cost millions of dollars while It only costs a few hundred thousand dollars for a life sentence. For liberals, dollars are the end of all ends. They never tire of wasting money or using it to buy votes. When logic fails: Bring up money.

Let’s keep up that theme, money. For those states with the death penalty, it saves them millions each year; regardless of how many inmates on death row. The savings are realized when a death penalty case comes to trial, and the defendant is offered a life sentence instead of seeking the death penalty. What is usually penned into that plea bargain is that the case can never be appealed.

Keeping the death penalty option does act as a deterrent. It’s not measurable, but how many times has a robber or kidnapper decided not to kill multiple victims or to torture a victim because it puts the death of the criminal into play? We will never know. But if you are one of those kidnapped or about to be tortured, you will be grateful; usually without ever knowing.

Pearl Harbor – Attack

Much has been recorded about this attack by the Japanese. I’ve enjoyed several books that go into great detail about every stage of the attack. One of the most enigmatic facts is that the attack was expertly and precisely carried out; this is wrong. I’ll address this aspect of the attack in another article. Today’s article focuses on the exceptional good fortune that fell upon all of the USA’s aircraft carriers in that they were at sea, and thus, escaped the attack.

Almost without exception, historians and official sources have explained the missing carriers on pure luck; this is also wrong. There is much debate as to whether the USA knew in advance of the “surprise” attack or not. The most prominent reason we would be ignorant of an impending attack is that FDR’s policies forbid any cryptology, code breaking, saying “…good neighbors don’t read other neighbor’s mail.” However, we got many warnings from other nations. Most warnings were based on pure logic. Japan’s next step of aggression would logically be an attack on the US. There is very good evidence that the highest levels of our government did know; much of this is from declassified documents. Japan was waging war all up and down the Asia coast but a large number of its capital ships, warships, were nowhere to be found. Our intelligent services and those of several lessor countries predicted the attack. If so, then why were we taken by surprise and why didn’t we make plans to repel the attack?

At first, Germany and the Soviet Union were allies. They agreed to invade Poland and divide it between them. Germany from the west and the USSR from the east. However, the ultimate prize Germany wanted was the USSR. After the war was going well in favor of Germany, they let their intentions be known by invading the communist USSR on June 22, 1940. And as always the German Blitzkrieg went well and was extremely effective.

With Germany knocking on Moscow’s door, the USSR needed the help of the USA to take the pressure off of them. It is no secret that FDR wanted to enter the war; publically to help Briton. He established the much-touted Lend-Lease bill where the USA could remain neutral but supply England and the USSR with war materials. However, FDR had been “illegally” providing Britain war supplies before this. The passing of the bill justified FDR’s actions, and history has praised him for it. But FDR wanted more, much more. The threat of the Japanese was just the ticket. He wanted war. In truth, the war was inevitable. The only questions were when and how.

Let’s get back to the attack and the missing aircraft carriers. Did FDR and the military brass want the US fleet decimated? Did they want 2,400 men and women killed, as happened, during the attack? No. That was the last thing they wanted. First, the carriers had to be out to sea. Our carrier’s flight decks were covered with wood. It was a throwback of construction from another era. They would be extremely easy to sink, even by a near miss or flying debris from another target. They were sent out to sea on menial tasks and without escorts, very unusual. If they had been in port, moored and sitting still, they would stand no chance. Forget all the attempts to justify wooden decks, the facts are that the British steel decks sustained much less battle damage, even when struck by kamikaze planes.

It was thought that battleships could hold their own. Especially in the high concentration of being at the port in Pearl Harbor. They were so overconfident, that the normal amount of ammo for each gun emplacement was inexplicably reduced for this weekend alone. Ammo was actually removed from the normal stores at the gun emplacements. Even so, the Japanese were surprised by how quickly and effectively the USA’s defenses responded. The US did not know that the Japs had a torpedo that could function in the shallow harbor of Pearl Harbor. We trusted that if a torpedo was dropped in the harbor it would sink into the mud at the bottom. You can only imagine the shock by the brass when the damage reports came in.

I read an interview with a very high ranking Naval officer. Prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor and before we were at war, he was making contact with the upper echelons of the navy to feel out if he might be able to take command of Pearl. He was told in no uncertain words that, “You don’t want it.” It was a mystery, but he dropped his inquiry. After the attack on Pearl, the current commander was made a scapegoat, and his career ended in shame.

The world was at war; nothing could reverse that. FDR realized that war for the US was inevitable. He had no knowledge how “war” had progressed. He was still living in the post WWI days, ignorant of what Japan was about to serve up to us. But, he was not alone; most of the (promoted during) peacetime brass were counseling him.

Even If You Don’t Believe: Satanic Actions Do Exist

Isn’t it ironic? In Africa where Ebola thrives it is the ones unselfishly giving their time, efforts, and sometimes their lives, it is they who are being targeted and portrayed as villains. By who? By people living outside the law, ignorant people, selfish people who are bent on doing the most harm whether it is by stealing from the masses or killing the masses. The common thread? Ebola kills and they kill. It is a way of making what they do less evil, not in the minds of knowledgeable people but in the ignorant. By any other words, satanic.

Doris Day passed away recently and her page on Wikipedia was immediately defaced by vile persons. Doris was America’s girl; wholesome, honest, talented. Just because of her good moral image, vile persons posted risqué pictures on her page. Why? Just because the evil movement hates good, worships evil. No demonstrable reason, satanic.

More to come

Top Secret Give Away

December 4, 2011, one of the US’s top secret drones inexplicably landed safely in Iran. This is the drone that encompasses, up to that time, all our latest stealth technology. It included the shape of it, the materials it is made of, and the special coating on the outside. As if this wasn’t enough of a gift to Iran, they also got all the technology built into it; the most advanced in the world. One could say technology that reached years into the future because it would take the rest of the world that long to catch up. Not just catch up, the rest of the world didn’t have a clue as to what could be done, thus the saying, they didn’t know what they didn’t know.

Land safely in Iran? Did we want that? No. The drone mysteriously malfunctioned and lost contact with its pilots (somewhere at a distant location). It then mysteriously failed to do take actions built into it in such a case. It was programmed to autonomously make it’s way back to its secret base. And then it mysteriously failed to take the next action that was programmed into it; that was to self destruct. The only action it took was to safely land its self. This was the last thing wanted.

Upon realizing that the drone wasn’t going to return and that literally, every preprogrammed course of action failed to be carried out, our intelligence people started planning. Iran didn’t even know it was in their country yet. The most desirable action was for a SEAL team to be activated and allowed to retrieve it. I say allowed because SEALs live for moments like these. Next was for a 2,000-pound smart bomb be dropped on it. The last was to sit on our hands and do nothing. This was the course President Obama chose.

There is no doubt that Iran teamed up with scientist from China and Russa to try to reverse engineer it. Iran would allow them access if they shared their discoveries with them. In fact, Iran probably was able to negotiate a tremendous pay off in addition to any intelligence.

As far as reverse engineering the electronics, it would be very difficult. Almost all the circuits would be made using integrated circuits. That is where millions of transistors and such are “printed” in minuscule circuits and contained in a solid wafer. There would be hundreds of those incorporated throughout the drone. To try to shave off portions of the wafer in a way that the circuits inside could be deciphered would be very difficult. But then, you can never underestimate your foes.

It will take years to learn just how much damage this course did to our safety. Let’s hope it isn’t when our technology is turned back onto us.