Why So Many Ceasers Were Mentally Ill

Obviously, the Ceasar of Rome has access to anything he wants. Well, the one thing they all enjoyed the most was WINE.

Romans discovered that having wine swirl over lead would give it an added sweetness. Thus, they only drank wine contaminated by lead. This would explain why some of the symptoms acted as if mentally ill. They were.

The End of Democracy

People voting

We all want to be part of something historical, something that will be talked about till the end of time. Well, this election isn’t that. It will be historical, but no one will be talking about it. At least not for long. The USA has just passed on to become a one-party nation. No better than any of the countless third world countries. No better than Russia, China. A country ruled by the leader of the Democratic party.

The Democratic party seems to have no shortage of people willing to commit any crime, infractions to felonies, necessary to promote the election of Democrats. The corruption is at every level. In states controlled by Democrats, there is no threat of being found out. But if one is found out there is no chance there will be a prosecution. In fact, one is most likely to be held in high esteem by the predominantly Democratic population. After all, you stepped out, took a risk, all for the “big picture,” the good of the people. From the lowest level ballot counter to the Secretary of State, there is someone at every level, thus, protection at every level. Anywhere Democrats are in control of counting ballots, no Republican will be able to win an election, and there will be no one held accountable for the massive vote fraud. Elections will be show elections. Democrats have taken the most precious right in a democracy, the vote, and made it worthless. Organized crime bosses will be the real rulers.   

Not just that. I’m now convinced that the corruption in the FBI and DOJ is more systemic than I ever thought. McCabe et al. are just the tip of the ice burg. I feel this way because of the lack of action on their part. The voter fraud is very obvious. They are sitting on the sideline as the country is being overthrown. Serious crimes were committed. Yet, no one fears prosecution. They are just as guilty as any of the other criminals. I know most people will say that the rank and file of these departments are honest. But the way I see it, there is a plague of corruption, and I can’t see what level it stops.  

If this election stands, and the odds are that it will, these fired, disgraced agents will be reanimated. They will be very popular amongst the newly formed dictatorship of the USA.

News for June 14, 2020.

Two Black Lives Matter demonstrators, one was a guest speaker at the event/riot, were first reported missing but then found dead near the BLM riots in Georgia. The circumstances are not available now. What we do know is that one of them, Ms. Salau, was molested by a black male at the protest. She needed help, protection, from the man.

She called the POLICE for protection. The very ones she was trying to defund. Why didn’t she call an ANTIFA thug? Because IF one responded, he might join in on the fun. It is not known for sure, but there is a 99% chance that the police couldn’t respond because they were at the BLM riots.

Reverse Racism is Racism

A few days ago (May 10, 2020) a young black male went to the Delaware Veterans Memorial Cemetery with a sniper rifle and scope where he shot and killed a white couple who were visiting the grave of their veteran son. The sniper was seen by witnesses running into a nearby woods. The police responded, located the sniper and a gun battle ensued. The sniper was killed, either by himself or the police, at this time unknown. Nearly every news media outlet leaves out the sniper rifle part of the story.

A few takeaways; black male, sniper rifle, white victims, veterans cemetery. At least one news source put forth the motive as being in retaliation for the recent shooting death of a black man.

Wow! Then it must have been a justifiable double murder. This was not just racism against whites, but an attack on the United States. A veteran’s cemetery was chosen to express his hate towards the country that he enjoyed. This too goes unreported by the main street media; after all, being a traitor is in vogue with them. (I say “enjoyed” as compared to all other countries, i.e. North Korea.)

How is this not reported as what it is, racism? There seem to be no excuse for the shooting death of a black person, any black person, by a white human for nearly any justification. Nearly every time a white person kills a black person it is reported as “racism” and there is no excuse for it. Nearly every incident, even clearly justified ones, will be forwarded to authorities to be considered for criminal prosecution. Even in a justified killing, the white person has to wait in fear to learn if the local prosecutor caves to media pressures and put on a show trial to appease public pressure. Where the white person will have to sell everything he/she owns justs to pay for a defense.

Jeffrey Epstein; A Repeat Of James McDougle’s In-Custody Death–The Cost Of Being Friends With The Clinton

Jail Bars
Image by Jody Davis from Pixabay

James and his wife Susan McDougle became involved in a crooked land scheme (Whitewater Scandle) involving Bill and Hillary Clinton as partners. Eventually, this swindle came under investigation. When it did both Susan and Jim were subpoenaed to testify against the Clintons. Susan refused and went to jail for almost two years. She never did testify and with the passing of time, the issue was no longer pertinent, thus, her release. Jim cooperated. When he did the whispers around Washington D.C. and Arkansas was that he would not live long in custody. And that’s just what happened, he was found dead in his cell. The authorities and media waved off the rumors and said that he was old and died of natural causes (he was 57). This is exactly like Jeffery Epstein, an unnatural death.

Background, The Swindle: The above mentioned four and some others, purchased a plot of land and told investors that they were going to develop it as vacation cabins sites. People who could not qualify for loans to purchase land/homes when the purchase was financed through a bank, could purchase at Whitewater with very little down and monthly payments. It was a “contract” purchase, meaning that the developers carried the loans on paper. The purchaser never acquired any ownership of the land. The land belonged wholly to Whitewater, the purchaser would not acquire the land until it was paid off in full; until then all the purchaser owned was a piece of paper. Even if they failed to make the very last payment, all of their monies would be forfeited. Whitewater accepted almost any offer, took the down payment, and waited for the monthly payments. Because the purchasers were not qualified in the first place, most fell behind. When they missed two payments the “contract” was foreclosed. Because it was not a real estate deal, there was no recourse for the purchasers. They lost their down payment and all of the monthly payments up until the foreclosure. This type of real estate dealing is outlawed in many states and because of this abuse, Arkansas followed suit.

In addition to this, it was discovered that Whitewater, sometimes using other names, would purchase a plot of land e.g. for $250,000. They would have a crooked land appraiser appraise the plot and would get a new (worthless) value, e.g. $4,000,000. They would then get a loan for the $4 million and soon afterward default on the loan and keep the balance. The government agency which guarantees this type of deal would then pay off the lender, which just happened to be a loan company owed by the McDougles.

You might expect that there are some safeguards built into these types of deals. Well, not much. But it did require a crooked Judge to sign off on the obviously bogus contracts. Judge David Hale went to prison for various dealings with the Clintons and McDougles. He struck a plea bargain and was ready to testify against the Clintons, but, with the death of Jim McDougle, there were no other charged filed.

Howard Hughes: Was His Paranoia About Russia Justified?

Image by skeeze from Pixabay

Howard Hughes was a multi-millionaire back in the day. He was a Hollywood playboy, an investor in industries, an inventor, an aerospace leader, and a Hollywood movie director/producer; but, above all this, a patriot. Hughes built the famous “Spruce Goose,” (the largest airplane ever built up to that time) he bought several Las Vegas casinos and lived as a recluse in various resort penthouses. He claimed that the USSR wanted to kill him. Every aspect of his life was greatly controlled by him. Howard only met face to face with a few persons. He conducted business over the phone. It’s claimed that when he died he was unkempt and had fingernails two inches long. His body had to be fingerprinted by the FBI for identification because he was so unrecognizable. However, much of his lifestyle was blamed on his, unwarranted fear, of being assassinated by the USSR.

In 1968, the USSR had a nuclear missile-armed submarine disappear in the Pacific Ocean northwest of Hawaii. The CIA waited and waited for them to retrieve their very valuable and top-secret asset. They watched until they realized that the USSR was searching in the wrong locations. They were off by many hundreds of miles. That is when they realized that the USSR had no idea of where it was. However, the CIA did. The CIA didn’t want to let the USSR know that they knew where the sub was for two reasons; not the least of which, was that the CIA didn’t want to reveal to the USSR the fact that the CIA had the ability to track the USSR’s submarines better than they themselves could.

The CIA went to Hughes asking him to participate in a cover story in hopes that the CIA would be able to raise the submarine along with its nuclear-armed missiles without the USSR getting wise. Hughes agreed. A large ship was reconfigured in a way that would disguise its true intent. It was able to have salvage equipment that would be lowered from the center of the ship and out of the line of sight of surface ships, Russian trawlers. The cover story was that Hughes was interested in dredging the deep ocean floor to explore, and possibly find valuable minerals. This ship was supposedly for this purpose. It was a top-top secret mission.

The ship was able to lower equipment that attached its self around the girth of the sub. The sub was in waters thousands of feet deep. The CIA hoped that the absurdity of being able to do this would help keep the suspicious Russians from guessing the true mission. However, the night before the ship was to leave to go to the salvage spot the ship builder’s officer was mysteriously burglarized. Their safe had been opened. No doubt the KGB.

The USSR dispatched a spy trawler to follow the CIA’s ship. The CIA’s ship anchored over the wreck and began its operations. They were able to get a large grappling claw around the sub and began raising it. Part of the sub broke away and fell to the ocean floor. The remaining part of the sub did reach the mother ship and that section did contain at least two or three missiles. The CIA was now sure that their cover was blown. The section of sub salvaged contained bodies of at least six USSR sailors. The CIA performed a very publicized burial of them at sea. Why? They were trying to convinced the USSR that nothing valuable was retrieved. These bodies, no doubt, would have been given names (by the CIA, regardless of their real names) of sailors whos work stations were in a part of the sub that would not be valuable to the USA. This was to convince the USSR that a worthless section of the sub was salvaged. The CIA officially took the stance that the mission was a failure, but, both they and the watching USSR knew better.

It was because of Hughes’ involvement with this mission that convinced him that the KGB wanted him killed. If you look back at persons who were enemies of the USSR State you will see a high mortality rate. The commy hunter Senator George McGovern mysteriously died young, the official cause of death was cancer: he died in a hospital while getting treatment for it. His early death was shrugged off by the Commies in the media by saying he was a heavy smoker and drinker. Killing enemies in a hospital was/is the perfect weapon. Most Americans would not suspect a hospital. The Commie hating George Patton was killed as a result of a very minor car accident. The accident report and the investigation report were lost. The driver in the other vehicle was a drunk soldier who had stolen the military truck he used in the accident, yet, the driver and none of his fellow AWOL friends were not punished. As Patton’s health took a turn for the better, his wife began to make plains to return him from Europe to the USA. Then inexplicably, he died; in the hospital. Leon Trotsky was a competing communist leader to Joseph Stalin. Fearing assassination he fled Russia and lived under tight security in exile in Mexico, yet somehow, an assassin was able to get in and kill him. The USSR has a near-perfect record of killing anyone they wish. This is true even today. Recently, a USSR dissident named Sergei Skripal was assassinated by the KGB using a highly radioactive bb. This is not an exhaustive list, there are many more.

Suffice it to say, Hughes may have had many idiosyncrasies and had good reason to be paranoid; he doesn’t deserve to be called a loony solely for this.

Is America Great? Then Why?

It seems ridiculous that Americans question whether America is great. It is a case of “mass hysteria.” That and ignorance makes for a terrible outcome. At least one major political party seems to question this daily. Not just daily but constantly. It seems whenever there is a microphone nearby a member takes a shot at America. The irony is that they claim that because they are willing to criticize the U.S. they are better and more loyal Americans than those that measure their criticism. It’s also noteworthy that this political party openly supports the overthrow of this government. For the U.S. to convert to socialism is traitorous. We were founded to be a democracy. Period. To change to socialism is to change from the world’s oldest (the U.S. government is currently the longest standing government in the world, all other nations have changed govenments after America’s independance) and most successful form of government to one that has constantly failed. Today, the countries that claim to be socialist have had to modify it in order to survive, they are not true socialisms. Despite this dismal record, Democrats do everything in their power to overthrow our government. What is the answer to for this definition? “Someone that continues to do the same thing over and over again expecting a different outcome.” The answer is “Democrats” seeking socialism.

America was founded upon what is commonly accepted as Judeo Christian values. Americans were basically honest. Not 100% honest but much more than other countries. In other countries including, those that have expelled Christian values, one learns that in order to get ahead you have to tear down your competition. In Judeo Christian societies one gets ahead by out performing their competition thus, building, upon the competitor’s shoulders, not knocking them on their backs and standing on their chests.

In the early days of America, nearly all people agreed upon the basic truths that conduct like stealing, cheating, lying, murder, and etc were bad; even if they indulged themselves in these acts. That admission coupled with a large population that was honest proved to be the wave that carried America above all other nations. Democrats refuse to admit to what is right or wrong. During the Ferguson Mo. riots Democrats refused to say that the rioters were in the wrong. These types of riots claim to be against police brutality but for some reason, they direct their angst against retail, in that they loot retail stores and burn them down along with various vehicles. The governor of Mo. had called out the national guard in anticipation of a riot, however, the Democrat Party put their thumb on him and when the riots began he gave the rioters a, “two hour cooling off period.” To all but Democrats it was the obvious the wrong thing to do. That period allowed the riot to get out of control. It gave everyone with a TV time to come to the riot and loot stores. Even then, the Guard was used sparsely.

Because of this relative honesty, America exploded upon the world’s markets. America thrived at a pace not matched by any other nation. When WW-I started the U.S. opted to stay out. The war between, basically, Germany against France and England. (It’s much more complicated than this but this definition will work for this message.) It was not uncommon to have over 25,000 deaths In a single battle, in a single day. The manpower In these countries was at its limit. Germany knew it couldn’t match the fresh troops that would be sent by America; they knew the end was is sight, yet, they fought on anyway. France and England expect the U.S. to deluge them with soldiers who would fight side by side with them and, thus, would sustain the same devastating losses. However, the U.S. had a high value on American lives. We used our troops smartly, not the flood the battlefield way the war had been fought up until then. Because of America’s industries, economics, and values, we lead the world to peace. Yes America was great and all of the honest countries of the world would agree. German and their allies not so much.

But then WW-II. America’s industries, economics, and values outpaced all the other belligerents. France had already surrendered to NAZI Germany; England was on its knees. If not for America supporting them and sending them war materials, basically for free, it would have been pounded into submission. America lead the way and freed Europe from the tyranny of the NAZIs. All the while, it was beating Japan, who had taken nearly all of the Far East and beyond under their flag. At war’s end, more than a dozen countries had been restored to their pre-war status. Only Russia claimed all of the countries it cleared from the NAZIs and swallowed them into the communist Soviet Union. America could have merely claimed all of the counties it cleared as territories of the U.S., but our “VALUES” would not allow us to give in to this temptation. Indeed, when Japan and Germany conquered a nation, and they conquored several, they raided their banks, took all their cash, all of their resources, all of their industires, all of their food, and all of thier valuable property, then made them slaves. Their populations were forced into labor to support the war efforts of Japan and Germany. It wasn’t just hard labor, it was to the death. It was more economical to work them to death. It takes a lot to supply a vast army all the while supplying your home country with stolen luxury.

Every country in the world owes its freedom, or choice of rule, to America. England, could only mount a defense of their island and then only because of support from the U.S. And Russia owed their existance to, yet again, America, who supplied them with war material when much of their industry had been overran by Germany. Had the U.S. been defeated the Axis countries, Germany, Japan, and Italy, would have conquer every other country at will; the Middle East, Africa, South America, every country. No other country had a defense that could stand up to them. Yes, America was great.

After WW-II there was the threat of communism. Russia declared that communism would rule the world. When communism swept into Red China, China joined the threat and that threat stans to this day . The collapse of the USSR was only because of the strength of the U.S. This alone freed many more countries that Russia had claimed as war prizes. Yes, America was great.

Now China is arming its self and stockpiling war materials while getting ready to challenge the U.S. in another war. (The date to be announced.) Yes, America is great.

However, if their communist friends in the U.S. can take control through the election process, all the better. Communism is not a form of government, it is organized crime. As usual in communist rule, friends will replace the competent manager; the competent for the incompetent. Does China have friends in the U.S.? It is now a well-known secret that Bill Clinton receive vast amounts of money from Red China. Without it, he probably would not have been elected. I’ll address the treason of Bill and Hilary in another post.

PS It came out during the election season that Chinese generals donated money to the Clinton election campaign. The Clinton’s responded by, yes they received foreign money but so did George Bush (1). It was true that Clinton received a vast amount of money from communist China’s army, and Bush received “some” from free China, Hong Kong. Hong Kong was an English territory before the war and reverted back to one after. Somehow England agreed to a 99-year lease, after which, it would be turned over to Red China. Hong Kong desperately wanted stop this and to stay free, capitalist. Bottom line: Clinton received aid from the communist and Bush from the free people. The Clintons are still receiving vast amounts of money from Red Cina. They get it laundered to them through their scam non-profit fund and exorbitant fees to have Bill Clinton give a speech.

The Birth Of CNN

Jane Fonda sitting on anti-aircraft gun in Hanoi.

Photo AP 1971

CNN was just a little cable news company in the 1980s. Then, the First Gulf War, or the Persian War, happened. Viewer flooded to CNN in droves. Why? Because we thought it was an honest alternative to the bias anti-American news we got from the network news. Most of us had never watched or even heard of CNN. At first, it was wonderful. But then the communist, leftest leaning of the founder shone through.

The first clue was when Bernard Shaw returned to the U.S. after being on assignment with CNN. He stated that while in Bagdad he hid under his desk as cruise missiles flew by. The nights’ skies were lit up with the most fantastic fireworks display except that they were real munitions. He bragged that when the U.S. military asked him about what he saw while there he refused. They wanted to glean any military intelligence possible from him. Bernie proudly told the interviewer that it was his journalistic integrity being called into question. Bernie refused to be a “spy” for our military. The interviewer, also a CNN reporter seemed to agree.

After the war, Saddam Hussain revealed that the only military intelligence he received was from watching news broadcasts. The military placed strict rules on journalist but it was difficult to enforce. News crews were poking their heads into every nook and cranny they could find. If they found something not expressively forbidden they would air it. The military could not stop them. It wasn’t like WW-II where there were no other ways to get information out except going through the military. Send an email.

Bob Simon was a CBS reporter. He and his crew of three vanished on January 24, 1991. Nowhere to be found. They were gone, and their vehicle was gone. No messages, no clues. As it turned out, they had been captured. Disobeying the rules (of course) laid out by the U.S. Military, they ventured into a restricted area and they were captured by the Iraqis army. Why did they do it?

Everyone knew that an invasion by friendly forces (our forces) was imminent. It was thought that it might come from both sea and land. News crews were hiring speed boats and chasing the Navy around looking for a sign of where and when the forthcoming amphibious landing would be. To be the first to expose our military plans to Iraq would, for sure, guarantee awards and accolades from their peers. News crews have been witnessing the arrival of men/women by the thousands, by the tens of thousands, and hardware by the tens of thousands of tons. But where was all of it? Answer this question and you will surely win some coveted awards.

Broadcasting our military positions to Iraq was a noble thing to do. Broadcasting Iraq military positions, as CNN Bernard Shaw refused to do, would taint their journalistic standards.

This is why Simon ventured into a restricted area. He was trying to scoop his competition. To find the hidden friendly forces and broadcast their locations to Iraq. He was captured about a month prior to the land invasion, broadcasting this information would endanger the lives of our military personnel. Surely, it would cause many deaths. No one at the time knew if Saddam could mount a surprise attack on our forces if he knew where they were. Simon was scouting restricted areas so he could be the one to disclose their location. He failed, but, he won an award for his efforts. You can’t make this stuff up.

Back to CNN. Eventually, the owner, Ted Turner, showed where his biases lay. He married Hanoi Jane. A devout communist who hates everything about the U.S. Some may say it is cruel to call Jane Fonda by that name. But why, she earned it. At one time she was very proud of it. During the Vietnam War, Ms. Hanoi was very anti-American. She rebelled against her privileged upbringing as is common with the spoiled rich. And as often happens, they get bored laying around with other rich kids; doing drugs and alcohol to excess. Then they turn on the country that enabled them to be privileged. Why? There is no excuse.

Ms. Hanoi wanted to go beyond the level of the other kids. She traveled to North Vietnam and to Hanoi. There, American POWs were tortured in order to force them to meet with her. This way she could return to the U.S. and tell everyone how well the POWs were being treated. We learned after the war that every American POW was tortured. There were many ways but one way that all the POWs seem to have been subjected to was having their hands tied behind their back; then a rope was fixed to their hands they were lifted up until their feet left the ground. Often they would be left that way for hours. Dislocating shoulders and suffocating. To top off her Hanoi trip she went to an anti-aircraft gun and sat in the gunner’s seat. She then acted out shooting down an American plane and pilot. In truth, it was very possible that that gun had shot down Americans.

I truly believe that our mainstream media was and are traitors. They reward those that oppose our way of life. They give awards to those that wish to harm us. A post by me concerning the communist movement in the U.S. is forthcoming. They narrowly missed taking over the U.S. in the 2016, presidential election. Having failed they attempted a coupe. It also failed.

Hillary Clinton’s Majic $1K….Poof It’s $100,000

In 1978 and 79, the first lady of Arkansas, Hillary Clinton, invested $1,000, in cattle futures. She had no prior experience or other qualifications to successfully compete in the very risky investment field of commodities. No qualification other than being the wife of Governor Bill Clinton.

Any commodities trader would be thrilled to double their money in one year. Hillary outdid them. Her investment grew to a whopping $100,000.00. That’s a hundred times her initial investment. Impossible. And this was not deemed a bribe? For favors from her husband?

Here’s how she did it. A brokerage is often allowed to make trades for their clients without prior notification. That is because commodity futures can turn on a dime. The clients authorize their broker to trade on their behalf in an effort to reduce their losses when the market crashes. Or take profits when it goes up. At the end of the day, the brokerage house will have numerous buy and sell orders made by their brokers, employees of the brokerage firm, on the behalf of their client. When these are made the client doesn’t know what the trading price was. As the prices go up, they assign a buy order to Hillary’s account. When the go down they assign a sell order to Hillary’s account. There was no law against this practice. Is there a real victim in this? Yes, because it knocks someone whose trade was favorable out of line and their profits went to Hillary. Hillary couldn’t win unless someone took a loss.

This was obviously a bribe to the sitting Governor of Arkansas for favors either in the past or favors in the future. However, there were no repercussions. The law was changed because of this and now the trade has to be documented at the real-time and value when it was made.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Vietnam War: The True Story: Not The One You Get From The Media or School

Squad machine gun
  1. The territory of Vietnam was colonized by the French many years ago.
    The people of Vietnam tried to break away from France.
  2. During WW-II, Japan invaded and took Vietnam away from the French. The Japanese were even more repressive than the French. They became nothing more than slaves. The people of Vietnam turned their efforts for independence towards Japan.
  3. The U.S. supplied a Vietnamese organizer, Nguyễn Sinh Cung, later known as Ho Chi Minh with war materials to so they could sabotage the Japanese. In return, the U.S. promised Minh that Vietnam would be free from the French after the war. Even though Minh had lived in the USSR and China and had joined (and was educated as) the communist party, he still favored the U.S.  
  4. At the war’s end, the allies decided that France would regain possession of Indochina (Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia). This was done with the approval of Democrat President Truman. This was a policy that supported colonization even though the U.S. was against it.  
  5. France had been decimated by the Japanese and had a very weak military; they were unable to maintain civil control in that area. Riots and anarchy reigned.
  6. Minh gained an advantage and took control of the city of Hanoi in the north. He declared himself to be the head of a provisional government of all Vietnam. Minh wanted to avoid war. He drew up a rough draft of a document similar to the U.S. Constitution. He even asked France and other governments to help put down the unrest and provide technical and intellectual support. Would he have lived up to these promises? We will never know because of what happened below.
  7. France dispatched an already wary military force to take control. Because of WW-II aid from the U.S., Minh had a relatively well-equipped force. Of course, Minh could not count on the U.S. since they were France’s ally during the war, but he was able to get support from our enemies, the USSR, and China.
  8. Minh’s military defeated France’s military, thus, necessitating an international intervention. An agreement called the Geneva Accord was drawn up by foreign countries other than Vietnam. It divided Vietnam at the 17th parallel. North Vietnam signed it, but the South didn’t. The South felt that Minh would never abide by it, and time proved them right. The people of Vietnam were given a choice as to whether they wanted to live in the communist north or the democratic south. They were to be allowed to migrate to the state of their choice freely.
  9. Minh dishonored the agreement from the start. He blocked, hampered, and harassed those moving into the south. After the required 300 day wait the Accord called for countrywide elections; the goal of which was to reunite Vietnam under one government and one Prime Minister of the people’s choice.
  10. Ngô Đình Diệ, the candidate in the south, declared victory. Minh declared that the election was rigged and refused to abide by the Geneva Accord. In all honesty, there was much corruption, but it was on both sides. However, the division at the 17th parallel remained. The country was now separated between north and south.
  11. The U.S. was forced to support a corrupt government in the south for no other reason than to keep the communists from taking control by force. This would keep the people in the South free.
  12. Democrat President JF Kennedy began escalating the U.S.’s involvement. The Vietnam military informed Kennedy in advance that there was going to be a coupe and the current leaders wouldn’t survive. (It is because of this, that U.S. lawmakers passed a law expressly forbidding the U.S. from taking part in any assassination of a head of state. Ironically, JFK was assassinated a few months later.) JFK, and later, LB Johnson gradually increased the U.S. political and military involvement until there were over 500,000 U.S. troops in country.
  13. Despite the media’s popular portrayal that the war unpopular, this is wrong. There was a “silent majority” just as the then current President Nixon claimed. Something the media denied, and they are still denying it. But, just as now, the mainstream media silenced it. Americans wanted to WIN the war. Nixon ran on the promise to get us out of the war. He promised conservatives to win; he promised liberals to get out by any way available.
  14. The war was not being won because of betrayals in the U.S. Conservatives felt that Nixon would correct this. (See below for more details.) Again, the President, Nixon, ignored the advice of the military. His ignorant leadership equaled that of the Democrats and was a failure. He began a policy to reduce our involvement and leave. Officially the war was South Vietnam’s to lose; the U.S. merely withdrew its troops without a win or loss. The world, however, saw it as a U.S. loss. It’s a shame that a very capable military must live with defeats laid at their feet by civilian (inept, corrupt, and traitorous) leadership. President Trump has broken this deficiency and acts with military input.
  15. The struggle ended with there being a shaky truce separating the North and the South at the 17th parallel as set out by the Geneva Accord.
  16. Unknown to almost all, Nixon sent Henry Kissinger to China on a mission for peace. Decades later Kissinger admitted that Nixon sent him to China to tell them that the U.S. was getting out of Vietnam. What Nixon wanted was a cessation of attacks so the U.S. could leave with some semblance of honor and not in a military route. (An uncontrolled retreat.) China did not agree. China was very suspicious of Kissinger. Neither they nor Minh ceased the constant attacks as the U.S. retreated. The news videos of people scrambling to get on to aircraft to leave the country as it was overtaken certainly look like a route. THE U.S. LEFT IN DISGRACE. Something conservatives would have never agreed to.
  17. The war for the U.S. was over. The forces of the South were no match for the onslaught of the communist. They were overrun shortly thereafter. All of Vietnam turned communist. The people in the South that supported the war paid a very dear price. The leaders were killed without due justice. Those in lower positions in the military and government were sent to many years of “re-education.”

Why did the U.S. lose the Vietnam War?

First was Secretary of Defense Robert Strange McNamara. His military background consisted of joining the USAAF as a captain in early 1943, serving most of World War II with its Office of Statistical Control. President LB Johnson had no military experience. But like most politicians, both thought they knew how to lead a military campaign.

Treachery has always had a firm hold in American politics. I won’t go into all the examples here; there are several good books. Dating back to the revolutionary war, George Washington’s Secret Six, by Brian Kilmeade explains spying then.

Examples of limitations placed on the U.S. military during the Vietnam War. There were reasons given for these limitations, but they made no sense. Not even to someone not versed in methods of warfare:

1          When our pilots flew over North Vietnam, they would see ships with surface to air missiles, SAMs, but were not allowed to take them out? Reason: They might be Russian ships, and we don’t want to hurt them.

2          Our pilots saw trucks taking SAMs across the country but were not allowed to strike. Reason: There might be Russians in the trucks.

3          Our pilots saw the missile sites being built but not allowed to strike. Reason: There might be Russian workers.

4          Once the site was up, radars working, missiles loaded, ready for war, and very dangerous, then the pilots could strike. Reason: There is no excuse for this. The civilians in charge were able to influence those making the decisions. This is treason and should be investigated and prosecuted.

5          Many other targets were also off limits. Harbors, oil storage, military barracks, and the list for new pilots to study and memorize was very long. Eventually, when it was too late, most of them were added to the target list.

6          When our B-52s flew missions over the North, they had to fly in a “box” formation, consisting of three or four planes, so their anti-radar capabilities would be at their strongest. The problem was that each “box” flight of four B-52s had to fly one after another, at the same speed, the same course, and the same altitude. This allowed the missile sites several attempts through trial and error to dial in the flight’s correct data and enabled frequent hits. Only treason could explain this.

7          When enemy aircraft were spotted by radar over North Vietnam (a war zone) our pilots could not shoot them down without first making a visual identification. This meant that the enemy would be very close, only a few seconds apart. Under these circumstances, the tiny, nimble MiG was at it’s best, and our heavy planes could not match their maneuvers. In fact, our best fighter planes (F-4 Phantoms) didn’t even have machine guns. They only had missiles. By the time they had a visual identification, they would be too close for missiles. Machine guns were quickly added. The reason: The planes might have Russian pilots.  

8          Another example of the treachery in the US military was on Jul 27, 1965, when President Johnson, LBJ, finally allowed air strikes against the SAM (surface to air missiles) sites. Forty-eight, F-105s were launched against two sites. The mission was called Operation Spring High. It was a trap, an ambush by the North. There were no missiles or equipment at the sites. Instead, there were bamboo poles painted to look like missiles and dozens of 23 and 37mm anti-aircraft guns. When the aircraft made their ferocious low-level attack as required by superiors, the air was filled with anti-aircraft shells, later known as “golden bbs,” (because it’s like an inexpensive bb killing a million-dollar aircraft). SIX aircraft were destroyed, and five pilots lost. Afterward, It leaked that “our” intelligence personnel and planning officers knew the day prior to the attack that there were no missiles. Those in charge said that cancelling the mission the day prior to the attack would make us look indecisive and weak in the eyes of the North. Our reconnaissance overflights can read license plates on a car. They certainly could see poles instead of SAMS.

9          Again, early in the conflict, the U.S. developed a jamming system called the QRC-128. It garbled the communications between the North’s MiG fighters and the ground radar that were directing them. MiGs had already shot down several of our aircraft. As soon as our NSA (National Security Agency, an incestuous melding between civilians and military that operate out of Washington DC and directly under the President of the USA) found out about our jamming ability, they ordered the military to stop using it. They gave a lame excuse, but there can be no excuse except that the NSA was filled with communist sympathizers.

20       Each day, the president of the USA, a civilian, picked which targets could be hit. He even chose which bombs were to be used. He decided the time and route of the attack. No doubt that this information was leaked to the North Vietnamese.

This subject has an endless list of stupidity. This article will be updated periodically. There will be another article devoted to the vast amount of spying being done against the USA.