Atlanta Child Murders: The investigation

All you need to know:
Around 1979, several black persons, mostly children, were murdered in and around the vicinity of Atlant GA. The leaders of the black community were sure the incidents were racially motivated by whites and publicly pressured and prevented the police from investigating black suspects. The suspect turned out to be a gay black man. There was no racism on the part of the police, only the public: which was fueled by the news media.

Details: I just saw a teaser for a program on the ID Investigation
Discovery channel where the topic is the Atlanta Child Murders which occurred back in the 1979-80 years. The teaser has someone who sounds as if he is a black person saying, “… they were like throwaway kids.” The obvious inference is that law enforcement didn’t give the murders a high priority because the victims were blacks.

Nothing could be further from the truth. I distinctly remember this era. At the time, the unsolved murders were portrayed as being racial by black leaders and the media. The police were pressured to investigate only white people.

In one instance a white person stopped in a black neighborhood because he wanted to hire some day laborers. A mob of black persons formed and began pelting him with rocks. In another one, a heating boiler in a black school blew up and killed four children. A black woman is filmed by the news media saying, “Boilers in white schools don’t blow up.” There was a constant banter of black on white racism.

When the police finally got a lead on the killer they had to investigate him in secret because he was a popular black man who happened to be gay. Police wasted valuable time and resources surveilling two white men (admittedly racist) even after four murders occurred while they were under this surveillance and having passing polygraphs. The police were harassed if they dared to suspect and investigate a black person. Many more people had to die before the police would have enough evidence to overwhelm public opinion and be able to investigate the correct criminal who was a black man, and thus, be able to fully investigate the crimes unfettered. The criminal was caught red-handed tossing a body in a river. The crimes weren’t racial, they were sexual in nature.

The criminal’s name is Wayne Williams. There have been several subsequent testing of DNA in attempts to prove Williams is not the suspect but all of them pointed back to Williams. The DNA tests were only 99.9% conclusive to him. There was not enough high-grade DNA, whole DNA to get the desired one in a billion results, but, this is enough evidence for 99.9 % of the population. But never enough for the racist. who desperately want to exonerate the black man and indicate a white person.

Why can’t we point out black on white prejudice? White on black prejudice is headline news in print and on the air reports. Even though it seems most of these very public reports turn out to be setups, hoaxes. The black on white racist can’t seem to find legitimate, earnest examples to try to embellish the myth that white on black prejudice is rampant. It exists, it’s just not as rampant as enemies of the USA wish, thus, they have to lie. This example cost BLACK persons their lives.