Portland Police officer indicted for doing his duty: As he has sworn to do.

Portland Police Bureau officer Scott Groshong was indicted Wednesday on charges of assault, misconduct, and failure to perform the duties of a driver for hitting an alleged thief with a van as the man fled from the crime scene, OregonLive.com/The Oregonian; reported, citing a source familiar with the case. Groshong reportedly had 27 years on the job when he retired in August.

All caught on video. I watched the video. The officer saw someone burglarizing a store. When the burglar fled, with the stolen merchandise, the officer gave chase using the van he was in, there wasn’t enough time to exit the van, the van touched the suspect’s legs who was running at full speed, and he tripped. He quickly got up and fled without the loot. He was arrested a few blocks away. Where’s the crime???? The suspect wasn’t hurt so there was no hit and run. And if there was an H&R, it was the suspect who fled. The officer was doing what he was supposed to do, catch a fleeing felon. There was no excessive force. Suppose the officer threw his baton and caused him to trip, or run him down and kicked his heels causing him to trip, it would have been okay. There is no inherent crime in touching someone with a vehicle. Police officers do this all the time. They often use their vehicle for corralling fleeing suspects. And the car is often touched.

AND THE (PORTLAND STYLED) RESULT: THE OFFICER WAS INDITED AND THE FELONY BURGLAR WAS RELEASED AND NOT CHARGE. No doubt he made a plea deal, Portland style: If he would testify against the officer he could go free.

News for June 14, 2020.

Two Black Lives Matter demonstrators, one was a guest speaker at the event/riot, were first reported missing but then found dead near the BLM riots in Georgia. The circumstances are not available now. What we do know is that one of them, Ms. Salau, was molested by a black male at the protest. She needed help, protection, from the man.

She called the POLICE for protection. The very ones she was trying to defund. Why didn’t she call an ANTIFA thug? Because IF one responded, he might join in on the fun. It is not known for sure, but there is a 99% chance that the police couldn’t respond because they were at the BLM riots.

Reverse Racism is Racism

A few days ago (May 10, 2020) a young black male went to the Delaware Veterans Memorial Cemetery with a sniper rifle and scope where he shot and killed a white couple who were visiting the grave of their veteran son. The sniper was seen by witnesses running into a nearby woods. The police responded, located the sniper and a gun battle ensued. The sniper was killed, either by himself or the police, at this time unknown. Nearly every news media outlet leaves out the sniper rifle part of the story.

A few takeaways; black male, sniper rifle, white victims, veterans cemetery. At least one news source put forth the motive as being in retaliation for the recent shooting death of a black man.

Wow! Then it must have been a justifiable double murder. This was not just racism against whites, but an attack on the United States. A veteran’s cemetery was chosen to express his hate towards the country that he enjoyed. This too goes unreported by the main street media; after all, being a traitor is in vogue with them. (I say “enjoyed” as compared to all other countries, i.e. North Korea.)

How is this not reported as what it is, racism? There seem to be no excuse for the shooting death of a black person, any black person, by a white human for nearly any justification. Nearly every time a white person kills a black person it is reported as “racism” and there is no excuse for it. Nearly every incident, even clearly justified ones, will be forwarded to authorities to be considered for criminal prosecution. Even in a justified killing, the white person has to wait in fear to learn if the local prosecutor caves to media pressures and put on a show trial to appease public pressure. Where the white person will have to sell everything he/she owns justs to pay for a defense.

FISA Abuse Exposed: Trump Campaign Wire Tapped (True)

The special circumstances that allows the government to spy on USA citizens is called FISA. These warrants are granted in a private hearing where the FBI (or similar) has a one-on-one with a judge that has special powers. Only one side is presented, the one the FBI wants.

The now infamous Carter Page FISA warrant has been called into question. It has come to light that the FBI falsified facts they presented to the FISA court surrounding Page in an effort to justify wire tapping him. Page was portrayed as an agent of a foreign government. It has been proven that he was not.

Why would the corrupt leadership of the FBI, under Obama, want to wire tap a person who holds a lowly position in the Trump campaign? Because they would then be able to wire tap all phones that Page “may” use. Any phone that he has access to can be tapped, thus, all campaign offices he has stepped into or may step into.

Obviously this is politically motivated, regardless of what the IG (Inspector General [appointed under Obama]) says. There is no other explanation.

Just one of many steps the left (Dems) took to try to overthrow the election of President Trump. Just another segment of a non-violent coupe to overthrow our Democracy.

If It’s Harmful To Humans or Americans Democrats Are For It!!!! Obama and Ebola Friends To The End.

Open sore

Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay

Ebola is a terrible disease that is hard to contain and easily transmitted. So, President Obama made a special exemption for Africans who suffer from it. Illegal immigrants with Ebola can enter the U.S. for humanitarian reasons when Obama included it under the Temporary Protection Status. This status has a way of never getting to the temporary stage.

Again, if it is harmful, dangerous, oppressive then Democrats and liberals are for it. President Trump is taking action to safeguard Americans by revoking this abusive law.

Jeffrey Epstein; A Repeat Of James McDougle’s In-Custody Death–The Cost Of Being Friends With The Clinton

Jail Bars
Image by Jody Davis from Pixabay

James and his wife Susan McDougle became involved in a crooked land scheme (Whitewater Scandle) involving Bill and Hillary Clinton as partners. Eventually, this swindle came under investigation. When it did both Susan and Jim were subpoenaed to testify against the Clintons. Susan refused and went to jail for almost two years. She never did testify and with the passing of time, the issue was no longer pertinent, thus, her release. Jim cooperated. When he did the whispers around Washington D.C. and Arkansas was that he would not live long in custody. And that’s just what happened, he was found dead in his cell. The authorities and media waved off the rumors and said that he was old and died of natural causes (he was 57). This is exactly like Jeffery Epstein, an unnatural death.

Background, The Swindle: The above mentioned four and some others, purchased a plot of land and told investors that they were going to develop it as vacation cabins sites. People who could not qualify for loans to purchase land/homes when the purchase was financed through a bank, could purchase at Whitewater with very little down and monthly payments. It was a “contract” purchase, meaning that the developers carried the loans on paper. The purchaser never acquired any ownership of the land. The land belonged wholly to Whitewater, the purchaser would not acquire the land until it was paid off in full; until then all the purchaser owned was a piece of paper. Even if they failed to make the very last payment, all of their monies would be forfeited. Whitewater accepted almost any offer, took the down payment, and waited for the monthly payments. Because the purchasers were not qualified in the first place, most fell behind. When they missed two payments the “contract” was foreclosed. Because it was not a real estate deal, there was no recourse for the purchasers. They lost their down payment and all of the monthly payments up until the foreclosure. This type of real estate dealing is outlawed in many states and because of this abuse, Arkansas followed suit.

In addition to this, it was discovered that Whitewater, sometimes using other names, would purchase a plot of land e.g. for $250,000. They would have a crooked land appraiser appraise the plot and would get a new (worthless) value, e.g. $4,000,000. They would then get a loan for the $4 million and soon afterward default on the loan and keep the balance. The government agency which guarantees this type of deal would then pay off the lender, which just happened to be a loan company owed by the McDougles.

You might expect that there are some safeguards built into these types of deals. Well, not much. But it did require a crooked Judge to sign off on the obviously bogus contracts. Judge David Hale went to prison for various dealings with the Clintons and McDougles. He struck a plea bargain and was ready to testify against the Clintons, but, with the death of Jim McDougle, there were no other charged filed.

Why So Many Milleneal Socialist?

Homeless socialist
A Homeless Socialist:

Image by Leroy Skalstad from Pixabay

It was very pronounced during the Vietnam War where the US media seemed to find a sow’s ear in every silver lining when it came to the military. Even when our military won it was reported with a negative summation at the end of the report that left the reader a bad taste in one’s mouth. After the war, I asked one war correspondent why the constant negative spin on news from Vietnam. He told me that it wasn’t necessarily the reporter’s writing. He had turned in many articles that when he read them, after publication, it bore no resemblance to his original even though it still carried his by-line. It seemed the editors would send the articles to “re-write” to be “fixed.” The reporter had no choice about it. The articles were turned into the editor’s opinion and since nearly all of them were liberals and anti-war (communist sympathizer) so went the articles.

Because the media, of all disciplines, is so dominated by liberals all of their products heavily lean in that bias. If you look back at the underlying themes of movies and television for the last 50 years you will notice this phenomenon: The villain in the storyline is often the “government” or some other symbol of authority. If it is a sy-fi movie, the monster was caused by the government doing unauthorized nuclear testing. If it is a cops and robbers show, the villain is often a corrupt officer. Even when the show’s hero is a police officer, then the villain is the officer’s own agency facilitating drug trafficking or some other crime. The government, police agencies, and organizations of authority are disproportionately portrayed as corrupt. The real-world criminals are portrayed as victims of circumstances. Stop and think about it.

Millennials are huge movie and TV buffs. They spend a disproportionately large amount their time watching nonrealistic superheroes or people who are able to do things that real world humans can’t do and only exits only in comic books and movies. They lose touch of real-world limitations, and thus, lose a basis for common sense. This media. prepared with leftist leaning programs, causes them to get a skewed perspective of real life. These programs are also filled with over-simplistic solutions making their minds a playground for Democrats. There’s a TV series called “New Amsterdam”. In it, a head Dr. tells all the Dr.s under him to accept any patient that comes to the hospital without regard of insurance (sounds like free medical for all that is fo popular with Democrats), order any procedure they want to be done, distribute any prescription medicines they want, and buy any equipment they might want. I can just see Millineals jumping to their feet and cheering. The problem is when the hospital has no money to give to their vendors then the vendors will stop delivering the supplies. Of course, that’s when, in real life, sick people start dying.

Once the Millennial mind has been thoroughly saturated with “fluff” Democrats are able to present problems, usually very complex problems, along with the obvious yet simple solution. Then they question: Why don’t the mean old conservatives agree to this simple and easy fix? Liberals say it’s because conservatives are connected to corrupt authority figures and nasty capitalist. The very ones that millennials have been seeing in the media for the last fifty years. Conservatives are only in it for the money. Socialism, which is equality for all (a benevolent dictator) is the answer. Why can’t conservatives just agree?

Well, it’s because conservatives know that the simple answer is usually the wrong one. That persons who wish to take advantage of others (often called con-artist, or Democrats) trick the ignorant into giving up what is valuable (democracy/capitalism) for a simplistic answer. Equality for all, justice for none. Socialism establishes a small ruling class to exploit the masses. It always has. It’s funny, socialist take their simplistic model to the deep jungles of South America where the uneducated believe it. Then they take it into the colleges in North America where the ignorant accept it.

Socialist governments have killed many more people than Hitler did, by the hundreds of millions of people (no this is not hyperbole). Today, the only real socialist governments are the totalitarian ones. Ones where the masses live in poverty while the rulers live in luxury. Think about it: Just why are there so many billionaires in the U.S. who are coming out in support of the current socialist movement. Is it because they can’t wait to have to give away all their money and then live in a two-bedroom apartment? With the same income as everyone else? No! They will then have even more luxury as wealth is stripped away from the masses. But now they have an added power. Now they can put those they don’t agree with to death; with just a word or two. All the other socialist governments have had to modify their “idealistic” models. It happens when those who do all the work, yet, get paid the same as ones who do nothing, stop working. The United States first colonies were socialist, and that is exactly what our forefathers learned. When hard reality sets in, no work, no pay.

What do you call someone who constantly repeats doing the very same thing, yet, expecting a different outcome? Right! Socialist/Democrats.

Intellectual Properties: Are They As Important As Trump Says?

Raw invention or device

Yes! Communist nations have a long and storied history of being able to take giant leaps forward, escaping the necessity of large capital expenditures, by stealing research from companies that have paid the burden of research.

When Dr. Gatlin, the inventor of the famous Gatlin Gun, the first machine gun, received an order for five guns from Russia he stated, “That’s the only guns we will ever sell to Russia.” The reason for this statement was the well-recognized policy of Russia to obtain a new invention and then reverse engineer it. They would then use the new “intellectual property” without having to pay the high price of royalties that all of their competitors would have to pay. These royalties are meant to reimburse the inventing party for all of the costs associated with exhaustive experimentation necessary to bring a product to market. Of course, they are also supposed to bring to that party the financial rewards that entice one to risk substantial expense in order to try to prove their concepts.

Here is a list of just a few: The nuclear bomb. It was developed by the USA who expended billions of dollars. Contrary to popular reports about the Manhattan Project, the code name for the nuclear research of the bomb, the project was a sieve of leaks. The U.S. Army was responsible for the security of the project. When they couldn’t give clearances to many “scientist” many of whom were not U.S. citizens, the scientific culture inside the project objected and threatened to walk out if the Army did not give the suspects clearance. The army relented. It’s now known that the ongoing research was leaked in near “real-time” to Russia. Russia would then try to replicate the research. When they couldn’t replicate it, they would tell their spies in the project, who in turn, would steal “more thorough” research and give it to Russia so they could get the required results.

Near the end of WW-II, a crew of a U.S. B-29 bomber was forced to land at a “safe” airport belonging to Russia because it suffered damage that would not allow it to return to a U.S. airport. The crew was imprisoned by Russia. It returned to the safety of the U.S. only because it escaped the Soviets and made its way to neutral territory. It’s only because of their escape that the U.S. learned of the capture of one of their B-29 bombers by Russia. After the war, Russia proudly unveiled its new modern bomber. It looked exactly like the U.S. B-29 bomber. Stolen intellectual property.

After WW-II England had the most advanced jet engines. When Russia asked to have access to these advanced models, England’s Churchill, who was constantly suspicious of the Soviets, agreed and provide them with ten. A mystery to this date. This was done in secrecy so as the keep the USA from knowing. When the Korean War broke out just a few years later, the U.S. military was astonished to find themselves facing the fast and nimble MiG jet fighters produced by Russia. A fighter years ahead of where Russia would have been had they developed them themselves. The U.S. had been developing jet fighters on their own but not in large quantities because the U.S. was sure our enemies were decades behind us in development of their own. That is when England told the U.S. of its error in furnishing Russia jet engines. Our bombers were being escorted by prop planes that were very inferior to the MiGs. The U.S. military suffered much damage due to England’s gift of intellectual properties to Russia. The U.S. had to scramble to produce and then furnish jet fighters to the war zone that could equal the MiG.

The list of theft by Russia and later their and the U.S.’s arch-enemy, Red China, is inexhaustible. Everything from refrigerators to the most advanced military intellectual property. Did you know that there is a U.S. Patent Office in the buildings belonging to the UN? And that it was burglarized so often that the UN security stopped responding to the burglaries? That the video surveillance for the office was archaic and the locks were ineffective? Why would the U.S. have such an office at the UN except to enable the theft of intellectual property? Who, what, which administration authorized it and then allowed it to continue?

The list of stolen intellectual property goes on forever. From the most top-secret to the most mundane. These thefts don’t just hurt the bottom line of corporations and the workshop inventor, but they threaten the very safety of all of the USA. Some day we will be facing the very weapons we discovered.

Howard Hughes: Was His Paranoia About Russia Justified?

Image by skeeze from Pixabay

Howard Hughes was a multi-millionaire back in the day. He was a Hollywood playboy, an investor in industries, an inventor, an aerospace leader, and a Hollywood movie director/producer; but, above all this, a patriot. Hughes built the famous “Spruce Goose,” (the largest airplane ever built up to that time) he bought several Las Vegas casinos and lived as a recluse in various resort penthouses. He claimed that the USSR wanted to kill him. Every aspect of his life was greatly controlled by him. Howard only met face to face with a few persons. He conducted business over the phone. It’s claimed that when he died he was unkempt and had fingernails two inches long. His body had to be fingerprinted by the FBI for identification because he was so unrecognizable. However, much of his lifestyle was blamed on his, unwarranted fear, of being assassinated by the USSR.

In 1968, the USSR had a nuclear missile-armed submarine disappear in the Pacific Ocean northwest of Hawaii. The CIA waited and waited for them to retrieve their very valuable and top-secret asset. They watched until they realized that the USSR was searching in the wrong locations. They were off by many hundreds of miles. That is when they realized that the USSR had no idea of where it was. However, the CIA did. The CIA didn’t want to let the USSR know that they knew where the sub was for two reasons; not the least of which, was that the CIA didn’t want to reveal to the USSR the fact that the CIA had the ability to track the USSR’s submarines better than they themselves could.

The CIA went to Hughes asking him to participate in a cover story in hopes that the CIA would be able to raise the submarine along with its nuclear-armed missiles without the USSR getting wise. Hughes agreed. A large ship was reconfigured in a way that would disguise its true intent. It was able to have salvage equipment that would be lowered from the center of the ship and out of the line of sight of surface ships, Russian trawlers. The cover story was that Hughes was interested in dredging the deep ocean floor to explore, and possibly find valuable minerals. This ship was supposedly for this purpose. It was a top-top secret mission.

The ship was able to lower equipment that attached its self around the girth of the sub. The sub was in waters thousands of feet deep. The CIA hoped that the absurdity of being able to do this would help keep the suspicious Russians from guessing the true mission. However, the night before the ship was to leave to go to the salvage spot the ship builder’s officer was mysteriously burglarized. Their safe had been opened. No doubt the KGB.

The USSR dispatched a spy trawler to follow the CIA’s ship. The CIA’s ship anchored over the wreck and began its operations. They were able to get a large grappling claw around the sub and began raising it. Part of the sub broke away and fell to the ocean floor. The remaining part of the sub did reach the mother ship and that section did contain at least two or three missiles. The CIA was now sure that their cover was blown. The section of sub salvaged contained bodies of at least six USSR sailors. The CIA performed a very publicized burial of them at sea. Why? They were trying to convinced the USSR that nothing valuable was retrieved. These bodies, no doubt, would have been given names (by the CIA, regardless of their real names) of sailors whos work stations were in a part of the sub that would not be valuable to the USA. This was to convince the USSR that a worthless section of the sub was salvaged. The CIA officially took the stance that the mission was a failure, but, both they and the watching USSR knew better.

It was because of Hughes’ involvement with this mission that convinced him that the KGB wanted him killed. If you look back at persons who were enemies of the USSR State you will see a high mortality rate. The commy hunter Senator George McGovern mysteriously died young, the official cause of death was cancer: he died in a hospital while getting treatment for it. His early death was shrugged off by the Commies in the media by saying he was a heavy smoker and drinker. Killing enemies in a hospital was/is the perfect weapon. Most Americans would not suspect a hospital. The Commie hating George Patton was killed as a result of a very minor car accident. The accident report and the investigation report were lost. The driver in the other vehicle was a drunk soldier who had stolen the military truck he used in the accident, yet, the driver and none of his fellow AWOL friends were not punished. As Patton’s health took a turn for the better, his wife began to make plains to return him from Europe to the USA. Then inexplicably, he died; in the hospital. Leon Trotsky was a competing communist leader to Joseph Stalin. Fearing assassination he fled Russia and lived under tight security in exile in Mexico, yet somehow, an assassin was able to get in and kill him. The USSR has a near-perfect record of killing anyone they wish. This is true even today. Recently, a USSR dissident named Sergei Skripal was assassinated by the KGB using a highly radioactive bb. This is not an exhaustive list, there are many more.

Suffice it to say, Hughes may have had many idiosyncrasies and had good reason to be paranoid; he doesn’t deserve to be called a loony solely for this.

Is America Great? Then Why?

It seems ridiculous that Americans question whether America is great. It is a case of “mass hysteria.” That and ignorance makes for a terrible outcome. At least one major political party seems to question this daily. Not just daily but constantly. It seems whenever there is a microphone nearby a member takes a shot at America. The irony is that they claim that because they are willing to criticize the U.S. they are better and more loyal Americans than those that measure their criticism. It’s also noteworthy that this political party openly supports the overthrow of this government. For the U.S. to convert to socialism is traitorous. We were founded to be a democracy. Period. To change to socialism is to change from the world’s oldest (the U.S. government is currently the longest standing government in the world, all other nations have changed govenments after America’s independance) and most successful form of government to one that has constantly failed. Today, the countries that claim to be socialist have had to modify it in order to survive, they are not true socialisms. Despite this dismal record, Democrats do everything in their power to overthrow our government. What is the answer to for this definition? “Someone that continues to do the same thing over and over again expecting a different outcome.” The answer is “Democrats” seeking socialism.

America was founded upon what is commonly accepted as Judeo Christian values. Americans were basically honest. Not 100% honest but much more than other countries. In other countries including, those that have expelled Christian values, one learns that in order to get ahead you have to tear down your competition. In Judeo Christian societies one gets ahead by out performing their competition thus, building, upon the competitor’s shoulders, not knocking them on their backs and standing on their chests.

In the early days of America, nearly all people agreed upon the basic truths that conduct like stealing, cheating, lying, murder, and etc were bad; even if they indulged themselves in these acts. That admission coupled with a large population that was honest proved to be the wave that carried America above all other nations. Democrats refuse to admit to what is right or wrong. During the Ferguson Mo. riots Democrats refused to say that the rioters were in the wrong. These types of riots claim to be against police brutality but for some reason, they direct their angst against retail, in that they loot retail stores and burn them down along with various vehicles. The governor of Mo. had called out the national guard in anticipation of a riot, however, the Democrat Party put their thumb on him and when the riots began he gave the rioters a, “two hour cooling off period.” To all but Democrats it was the obvious the wrong thing to do. That period allowed the riot to get out of control. It gave everyone with a TV time to come to the riot and loot stores. Even then, the Guard was used sparsely.

Because of this relative honesty, America exploded upon the world’s markets. America thrived at a pace not matched by any other nation. When WW-I started the U.S. opted to stay out. The war between, basically, Germany against France and England. (It’s much more complicated than this but this definition will work for this message.) It was not uncommon to have over 25,000 deaths In a single battle, in a single day. The manpower In these countries was at its limit. Germany knew it couldn’t match the fresh troops that would be sent by America; they knew the end was is sight, yet, they fought on anyway. France and England expect the U.S. to deluge them with soldiers who would fight side by side with them and, thus, would sustain the same devastating losses. However, the U.S. had a high value on American lives. We used our troops smartly, not the flood the battlefield way the war had been fought up until then. Because of America’s industries, economics, and values, we lead the world to peace. Yes America was great and all of the honest countries of the world would agree. German and their allies not so much.

But then WW-II. America’s industries, economics, and values outpaced all the other belligerents. France had already surrendered to NAZI Germany; England was on its knees. If not for America supporting them and sending them war materials, basically for free, it would have been pounded into submission. America lead the way and freed Europe from the tyranny of the NAZIs. All the while, it was beating Japan, who had taken nearly all of the Far East and beyond under their flag. At war’s end, more than a dozen countries had been restored to their pre-war status. Only Russia claimed all of the countries it cleared from the NAZIs and swallowed them into the communist Soviet Union. America could have merely claimed all of the counties it cleared as territories of the U.S., but our “VALUES” would not allow us to give in to this temptation. Indeed, when Japan and Germany conquered a nation, and they conquored several, they raided their banks, took all their cash, all of their resources, all of their industires, all of their food, and all of thier valuable property, then made them slaves. Their populations were forced into labor to support the war efforts of Japan and Germany. It wasn’t just hard labor, it was to the death. It was more economical to work them to death. It takes a lot to supply a vast army all the while supplying your home country with stolen luxury.

Every country in the world owes its freedom, or choice of rule, to America. England, could only mount a defense of their island and then only because of support from the U.S. And Russia owed their existance to, yet again, America, who supplied them with war material when much of their industry had been overran by Germany. Had the U.S. been defeated the Axis countries, Germany, Japan, and Italy, would have conquer every other country at will; the Middle East, Africa, South America, every country. No other country had a defense that could stand up to them. Yes, America was great.

After WW-II there was the threat of communism. Russia declared that communism would rule the world. When communism swept into Red China, China joined the threat and that threat stans to this day . The collapse of the USSR was only because of the strength of the U.S. This alone freed many more countries that Russia had claimed as war prizes. Yes, America was great.

Now China is arming its self and stockpiling war materials while getting ready to challenge the U.S. in another war. (The date to be announced.) Yes, America is great.

However, if their communist friends in the U.S. can take control through the election process, all the better. Communism is not a form of government, it is organized crime. As usual in communist rule, friends will replace the competent manager; the competent for the incompetent. Does China have friends in the U.S.? It is now a well-known secret that Bill Clinton receive vast amounts of money from Red China. Without it, he probably would not have been elected. I’ll address the treason of Bill and Hilary in another post.

PS It came out during the election season that Chinese generals donated money to the Clinton election campaign. The Clinton’s responded by, yes they received foreign money but so did George Bush (1). It was true that Clinton received a vast amount of money from communist China’s army, and Bush received “some” from free China, Hong Kong. Hong Kong was an English territory before the war and reverted back to one after. Somehow England agreed to a 99-year lease, after which, it would be turned over to Red China. Hong Kong desperately wanted stop this and to stay free, capitalist. Bottom line: Clinton received aid from the communist and Bush from the free people. The Clintons are still receiving vast amounts of money from Red Cina. They get it laundered to them through their scam non-profit fund and exorbitant fees to have Bill Clinton give a speech.