Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie:

Police from Moab are being criticized for not doing more when they responded to a domestic violence call between the two. From the body camera footage released It was Gabby who would have been jailed. Brian accused her of hitting him and she admitted to it.

If she would have been arrested it would have surely saved her life. The officers would have been heralded as heroes. Right?

While the outcome would have been much better, had the officers arrested Gabby, they or anyone, not being able to see into the future and predict the death of Gabby, they would have come under attack. Women groups would have torn them to pieces. Yet that is the law. The officers took over an hour trying to convince Gabby to leave him. Through crying eyes she apologized for hitting Brian. While it was obvious that she was the victim, the officers had to abide by what was said, not felt. 

This is the 9/11 syndrome. For instance, had the FBI stopped the hijackers at the terminals and not allowed them to board the planes the terrorist attacks that killed over 3,000, persons would never have happened. But, since it didn’t occur, it would look as though the FBI were being racist, anti-Middle East. They would have been criticized for being overzealous. Groups that represent Middle Eastern peoples would have sued. The agents would have been subjected to legal harassment for, possibly, years. The FBI wouldn’t be able to say, “Look, we saved 3,000, lives.” And if they tried to make such a claim everyone would have deemed them ludicrous. What an outlandish claim.

That’s the problem with law enforcement. Their number one duty is to prevent crime. And when they do, the crooks argue that law enforcement isn’t necessary. (Let’s be honest, the defund the police movement is really led and joined by dishonest people.) How do people recognize a danger they are protected from? Law enforcement is criticized for not protecting the public and they are criticized when they do.

We live in a society where people are either predators or prey. In the U.S.A.  it appears that people who identify as predators are tipping the scales over those who identify as prey (honest persons).

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